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  • AAR Company Battles

    So last night (Saturday night 6/4/11) we had a several company battles, which went mediocre I felt. The first one we did really well and the last three we didn't do so hot.

    Comments, concerns, criticism?

    Did you guys have fun?

    Should we organize this more often?

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    Re: AAR Company Battles

    I'd also like to throw something in the hat here: Ribbons.

    Now, for those of you unfamiliar with how ribbons work at TG or anything, I'll point you to this link that gives you a detailed explanation:

    Now, there has been some discussion on how ribbons would work with world of tanks. I have heard several people ask about creating new ribbons or getting custom ribbons or anything of the sort. I can tell you now: aint gonna happen. Our existing service ribbons cover everything we do in world of tanks. If we have special pre-arranged engagements or massive campaigns, we can get custom made ribbons for those, just like scrims in other titles.

    That being said, remember that anyone can write anyone up for a ribbon at any time. No special occasion required. Always see someone taking up a great leadership role? Write it up. See someone in our little section of TG going out of their way to do things for the community? Write them up. Its an awesome way to show appreciation for your fellow players and doesnt take long to do. Any ribbons that are awarded for actions in WOT will be followed up here with a thread that contains the nomination written to get them the ribbon so we can all congratulate their accomplishments.

    So lets start seeing some nominations guys!




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