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A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)

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  • A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)


    Note: These are my experiences you don't have to believe them go ahead and do what you want.

    In my experience in the "beta" test server for v.0.6.6 and in live update experience, the lower glacis plate is NOT a viable weakspot unlike the previous German high-tiers (i.e King Tiger, VK4502P, Panther 1/2). It seems that these prototype tanks did not follow the same engineering flaw of their previous real brethren and have had their lower glacis plate reinforced.

    Now I have NO real proof to shot this except for my experience in the hundreds of battles I racked up in my JT during the "beta" with the long barrel 12,8 (yes that's why I've been away, in my false reality of owning a JT lol) firing PREMIUM shells which have an avg. pen of ~350mm ish I believe. I was extremely frustrated when I would get the seemingly often non-pen shot on the lower glacis plate (notice how I am NOT saying it bounced, just flat out did not pen) while firing point blank shots at those new German tanks (E-75, E-100). I've been constantly checking for any "armor buffs/nerfs" in the "beta" test server part of the forums for feedback and I've read none on the E-75 and E-100.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the frontal hull armor of the E-75 and E-100 is impossible to pen, quite contrary I've still found the Maus more difficult to pen frontally even with the long barrel 12,8 on the JT but I'm just saying you'll have to change tactics a little bit when facing the E-75 and E-100 frontally.

    My Advice:

    (E-75) If your gun's avg. pen is hovering around ~200mm avg. pen or less, don't even try shooting it frontally. Unless you are feeling lucky of course. I recommend a minimum of at least a ~240mm avg.pen on your gun. Even then I recommend shooting it's hull not lower glacis plate. I extensively used my JPanther for testing with its 10,5 using both its standard AP (~200mm avg.pen) and its prem (~240mm avg.pen) and the standard AP was not even occasionally pen'ing the frontal of the E-75's. *Maybe* an avg. pen of ~220mm could work but I didn't have a gun in that range of pen to test.

    (E-100) If your gun's avg. pen is hovering around ~240mm avg. pen or less, don't even try shooting it frontally. You're just asking to get shot by it's 15cm. To be honest I don't even know what avg. pen to recommend for shooting this monster frontally. My guess is at least an avg.pen of ~270mm avg.pen minimum as that's what I could pen it with somewhat reliably for my short barrel 12,8 prem, and my long barrel 12,8 both prem and standard AP.

    TL;DR - Don't shoot the lower glacis plate on the E-50 and E-100. Don't bother shooting E-75 frontally unless you have a min. of ~220mm avg. pen. And if you do, I recommend shooting its turret. For E-100 have at least avg. pen of ~270mm and even then pray that you will pen.

    So that's my advice to you, and good luck engaging those new monsters out there! o7
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    Re: A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)

    I was in my IS-4 last night with my 130mm gun and I actually bounced a few shots on the lower glacis like Gamer11795 said. At this point, it's just automatic nature for me to assume the lower glacis is the frontal weak spot on any tank, but it appears that may not be the case for the E-75. Looks like I'll have to experiment with some different hit locations.
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      Re: A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)

      Thanks for the advice. Keep us posted on where to shoot these beast.
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        Re: A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)

        This is unfair Voodoo has his IS-4 and I cannot play the e-75 sitting in my garage.
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          Re: A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)

          ive read on the wot forums that the e-75 has very weak mud guards which are easily penetrated you can try shooting there.

          The e-100 has something refereed to as a police bar on one of its turrets which is also easily penetrated
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            Re: A Tip About the New German Heavies (E-75, E-100)

            I was able to pierce the lower glacis on the E75 using the American 120mm gun which has a penetration of 248. I'm still not sure about where to shoot the E100 as I have not fought many of those yet.
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