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Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

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  • Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

    From the [url=""]World of Tanks LiveJournal[url] (in Russian).

    Ye mighty FSM, there are a *lot*. This is just part 1. I'll do the rest later.

    -Added two new maps: Campania (small Italian map) and Live Ox (first US map)
    -Added branch of US TDs with rotating turrets: M8A1, T49, T18, T25-2, T28 Prototype
    -Added two French premium tanks for testing: ART-SAU 2 at the level of, 10.5cm leFH18 B2 and PT-SAU 3, at level of FCM 36 Pak 40.
    -T34 moved from US tier 9 heavy to Premium, replaced with M103.
    -T30 moved to from US tier 10 heavy to tier 9 TD, rotating turret branch, being replaced by T110E5

    -Improved and finished visual models of IS, IS-7, Panther II, A-20, T-127, IS-3, A-20, ISU-152, AMX 40, B1, M3 Stuart, VK 1602, AMX 13-90, JadgTiger, JagdPanther
    -Tank sizes for the following made consistent with historical record: IS-3, IS-4, IS-7, ISU-152, Object 704, S-51
    -Improved and reworked damage models for:
    USSR: IS, IS-3, IS-4, IS-7, Object 704, T-50-2, SU-5, T-26, SU-100, KV-1S, SU-85, A-32, BT-2
    Germany: VK3601H, Hetzer, Pz V, Panther, Grille, Marder II, PanzerJager I, TigerP, Panzer IV, Panzer 38NA, Panzer V/IV, Stug III, Panzer II Luchs, VK3001H, VK 4502A, Panzer VI Tiger, Panzer 38H735(f)
    USA: M3 Stuart, M3 Lee, T20, M4A2E4
    France: B1
    -Reworked matchmaker algorithm for public battles. Added interrupt for series (longer than 3 battles) of player ending up in top tier battle for a given tank's tier range.
    -For most tanks, reworked: Income earning ability, cost, research cost, cost of repairs, cost of modules, research cost of modules
    -Rebalanced parameters for French tanks introduced in 0.7.1
    -Renormalized (decreased) all tank parameters when operated by 100% crew, when not taking into consideration crew skill boosting factors (commander's skill, consumables, etc.) Actual performance parameters of tanks remain unchanged.
    -Fixed incorrect display in the UI of armour stats for the ISU-152
    -Fixed mismatch of sound for 75mm SA32 gun on AMX 40.
    -Fixed firing effect of guns for numerous (unspecified) tanks
    -Front armour on second turret of T-50-2 decreased from 60mm to 45mm
    -Range of FuG37 radio changed to 290m
    -The "large caliber gun rammer" module on KV-220 changed to "medium caliber gun rammer."
    -Introduced mechanism that allows to tune different inclination/declination angles based on whether the turret is facing forward or to the rear.
    -Added one new camouflage option for all tanks
    -Granted clan commander the ability to display clan logo image on tanks in the clan
    -Changed angle of turret inclination/declination for French tanks:
    AMX12t: from 4 to 12 degrees declination
    AMX 13-75: From 6 to 9 degrees declination and from 8 to 6 degrees inclination
    AMX 13-90: From 8 to 9 degrees declination and from 9 to 6 degrees inclination
    Bat Chatillon 25t: From 9 to 6 degrees inclination
    B1: From 10 to 18 degrees inclination
    AMX 50 120: From 7 to 6 degrees inclination
    AMX 50B: From 8 to 6 degrees inclination
    -Reactive armour now decreases damage from HE shells based on its thickness and location (in 0.7.1 it only changed the point of the shell's explosion farther, but did not decrease damage)
    -Absoption of HE damage by armour has been decreased by 20%
    -Fixed frequent failures to penetrate tank armour when a shot hit the cannon after the target's reactive armour has been breached (fixed by correcting hitboxes for gun and gun armour)
    -Fixed bug that would display enemy tanks seen by a destroyed tank when end of round stats display appeared
    -Added new player tutorial on the basics of hangar functionality (only appears on new accounts when they log into the game for the first time)
    -Added 22 new tank crew skills (details can be seen in the crew details screen for each crew member)
    -All crew skills acquired prior to 0.7.2 are reset and all experience spent on these skills is converted to free experience: Can be used to re-acquire the old skills or any of the newly added ones.
    -Added an option to reset crew skills via gold (100% of skill points retained), credits (90% retained), or for free (80% retained).
    -Added indication of records for experience acquired in each tank
    -Renamed "research" button on tanks that have reached elite status to "convert." When clicking on this button, the "convert experience to free experience" window opens.
    -In "wide" team list mode, markers for platoons and tags for clans will be displayed
    -Increased transparency of background of team lists
    -Width of team lists will now be set to the width of the longest player name (previously was fixed at maximum possible width)
    -Added transition animation when switching from wide to narrow team list at start of battle
    -Added a new team list state: [Kill count][Tank name][Tank icon]
    -When hitting "tab," the team list will be displayed as the wide team list setting, instead of the current table format
    -Changed design of the premium account purchase screen
    -Settings for Gametrix force feedback controller will no longer be displayed in the settings screen if controller is not present
    -Reworked colours and geometry of some German camouflage patterns to better reflect historical patterns
    -Reworked the tank selection carousel in the hangar. Reworked the carousel filter button appearance
    -Added expanded floating tooltips for tanks in the hangar carousel
    -Added option to remove entire crew from the tank in each crew member's context menu
    -If only one module is damaged or one crew member is wounded, repair/healing will now happen with only one keypress, without requiring the selection of the wounded crew/damaged module
    -Added input language indicator at the login screen

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    Re: Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

    Thanks Cheb! You're doing us all a huge favor.
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      Re: Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

      When is the patch due out?
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        Re: Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

        Originally posted by BloodDrops2094 View Post
        When is the patch due out?
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          Re: Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

          From what iv'e heard the test server is suppose to come out today (thursday) which means the patch will be released in 2 weeks from now if it goes according to their plan.

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            Re: Patch notes for 0.7.2 as of March 6

            Many thanks for the patch notes Cheburash.




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