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  • Clan wars?

    Now since its been awhile since we had a pop at getting our selfs on the map I feel that now could be the time as a fair few of us now carry tier 10 heavy tanks, tier 9 medium and/or tier 9 TD's so here's what I wish to know.

    Who would be interested in doing clan wars and what's your best tank.

    (also on a little side note I shall no longer be feeding my "hamster" as I have finally pulled the plug on the poor little blighter and replaced him for a steroid abusing Conan the barbarian look alike "hamster" pics will be posted up shortly of my new pet nick named "Bertha")

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    Re: Clan wars?

    I am interested, E-100, IS-7 are my big ones.

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      Re: Clan wars?

      E-50 is all I got for top tiers.

      Got a VK4502 at tier 9 as well, and I could have a VK 2801 if another tier 5 scout was needed, and a GW Panther if we need to slot in an arty that punches good DPS.

      Biggest issue for me is that I probably won't be able to help out until at May, exam season is starting here... but I'll make up for it in the summer, mark my words.

      Don't forget the interest that was expressed in a possible alliance by one of our former competitors... We're a small clan and we're going to need friends if we want to hold a single piece of land.
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        Re: Clan wars?

        I am interested too. I have a T30, and I am getting close to the Patton and T95. I also have a Chaffee. Next patch, I will have a T110 and a T30 TD.
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          Re: Clan wars?

          Me too.

          E100, IS7
          IS4, E75
          ISU-152, Object-704
          E50, T44
          S51, Obj.212, Obj.261
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            Re: Clan wars?

            13-90, and soon to have an IS-3. Also got an S-51 and a T-50. I'm still noobish compared to you people, so I figured I'd have to fill either the high-mobility or the no-mobility role :)

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              Re: Clan wars?

              I'd be up for this.

              E100, Maus, T30(no mods atm), AMX50B(not fully modded yet)
              E50, T95, E75

              Are my big toys


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                Re: Clan wars?

                ISU-152, Bat chat, T54, Patton.

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                  Re: Clan wars?

                  IS4, Bat, Object 261


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                    Re: Clan wars?

                    T30, IS4. soon to have a obj 212



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                      Re: Clan wars?

                      I'm interested; I've got a mostly decked out VK4502P, and am working hard towards the Maus.

                      As interesting as it sounds, however, I doubt it will actually happen, since there is rarely enough people online for something like that to happen.
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