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What to grind next in 7.3

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  • What to grind next in 7.3

    So as 7.3 rolls around the corner (supposedly it is released on Monday). I will be left with an annoying choice. My KV3 is at the point where I know I will not have time to grind the IS in two days, which begs consideration of instead focusing down the new russian line to the IS4. The problem is that I have heard that besides the new tier 8, the new Russian heavy line and especially the tier 10 IS4 really suck. I personally am not looking forwards to grinding the entire KV-1s to the IS, however if the benefits down the line are much more substantial I will.

    Another note is that besides grinding the USSR TD line (halfway to ISU), Heavy line, and SPG line (when my KV gets enough xp for the school bus), I will be in need of cash very soon and will probably work towards another Tier 5/6 to play simply for fun/credits. At first I wanted to go PZ4/3601, however after reaching the 38Na, I have heard that grinding through it makes most people want to punch a baby kitten in the face repeatedly. I will already have a KV and SU 85 for fun at mid tiers, and am wondering if you all would recommend to simply suffer the rest of the way through to the PZ4 or to work towards an easy 8 or hellcat.

    TL;DR: I am looking for which RU heavy line to go down post-patch, and want to find another fun tank to kick ass and chew bubble gum in.

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    Re: What to grind next in 7.3

    but that hat makes you look very CUNNING!!!!!!

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      Re: What to grind next in 7.3

      I highly recommend the American medium line. I have had the most fun grinding that line by far. If you go down the Lee line to Easy 8, its fairly enjoyable, and you'll get decent match making.
      As for ze Germans, the PZ 38 NA is bad only because it is a scout tank. But at tier 4, you are not going spend that long in the tank. And the PZ4 is totally worth the grind.
      As far as the Russians heavies go, they are a bit meh until you get to tier 8. Though, the KV4 is not that good either. If you really want Russian heavies, go for the IS7 line, as the tanks in that line up are a bit better.
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