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  • Tank Crew Perks/Skills

    Lets talk about Crew Perks/Skills.

    What do you all think are the best based on tank, IE, Heavy, Medium, Tank Destroyers, and Arty.

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    Re: Tank Crew Perks/Skills

    For me, repairs and sixth sense are a must, for all my tanks. If I'm going to be keeping the crew of a tank for a while (Like the crew I started in tier 7 and am switching to each new tank until tier 10) I get mentor for the commander after sixth sense, then I go for jack of all trades.

    For Heavies, I go with armorer for the gunner, since my gun gets knocked out fairly often, and, since I'm driving German heavies with the engine in the front, my driver gets preventative maintainence.

    For SPGs I go with Sixth Sense for the commander ( real nice to know when enemy arty knows exactly where you are ), and camouflage for everyone else.
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      Re: Tank Crew Perks/Skills

      Curiously enough, my philosophies are almost directly contrary to Maniac's.

      Originally posted by Strait Raider View Post
      Here is the best guide that I have yet seen.

      Skills I consider useless:

      Personally, I would say skip on Firefighting, Armorer, Jack of All Trades, Safe Stowage, and Preventative Maintenance, as all can be covered in most situations by proper use of fire extinguishers, repair kits and first aid kits.

      Situational Awareness, Recon, (3% increase in sight range is far too small to matter, IMO)

      Signal Boosting and Relaying. Might get more useful when (if) we get much bigger maps, but currently the majority of vehicles tier 5 and up have radios that can span the entire map.

      Controlled Impact: Unless you ram A LOT you probably won't notice this perk. Even then, 15% is not a huge improvement. The deciding factor for me is that the driver already has 3 other highly useful skills.

      Deadeye: +3% chance means that if you shoot 33 rounds in a battle you will statistically get one more crit. Not a big deal in my opinion, and I doubt you would notice the difference. ONLY APPLIES TO ARMOR PIERCING ROUNDS, NOT HE.

      Eagle Eye: 4 second delay in order to tell which modules on an enemy are broken. Again, the situations in which this would be useful are likely few and far between. The most critical piece of information are tracking and fires, and we already have visual and audible cues for that.

      Mentor has far too small a gain to be useful. The 10% increase will take, many, many MANY battles just to recoup the xp lost from taking the skill, and reportedly only makes 2-3% difference in crew skills over time.


      Skills I am undecided on:

      Sixth Sense: Sounds great, but I personally do not use it. I've played long enough that I find I can usually sense when I have been spotted without this. As Gorhaut mentioned, in a heavy one must always assume they are spotted anyway. The 3-second delay between being spotted and having the warning appear is often longer than the time it takes for rounds to start being fired at you.

      Designated Target: Sounds great for snipers, but I haven't yet used it. As it only takes effect at 100% training, chances are I will spring for crew-wide Brothers in Arms if I can get a 100% crew skill.

      Call for Vengeance: I'd call this one Planning to Fail. It's a max one-time use per battle, and as above, if I am getting 100% skill, I'll put it on Brothers in Arms instead to try to eak that extra little bit of speed, maneuverability, sight and camo out of my scouts.


      My personal favorites: Brothers in Arms (used on any tank I expect to get to 100% skill), Snap Shot, Clutch Braking, Smooth Ride, Off-Road Driving. Each of these has tangible benefits in terms of accuracy or maneuverability. (or everything in the case of BiA)

      ...and obviously repair and camouflage where appropriate. Some sources indicate that the effectiveness of the repair skill was increased by as much as 50% when perks were overhauled, but I have yet to see conclusive evidence.
      For Heavies I go mostly repair, but pick up one of the 3 very useful driver skills (usually clutch braking to make my heavy Germans more maneuverable) and Snap shot for the gunner.

      For Mediums I think you absolutely must take a driver skill. (clutch braking, off road driving and smooth ride depending on how you're going to use it) Other than that I follow the same philosophy as with heavies.

      For TDs I always grab clutch braking for the driver. Being able to turn even a little bit faster can be critical for a non-turreted TD. The rest go repair, unless I know the vehicle has a high natural camo rating, in which case I split repairs/camo.

      For SPGs I put them in my garage and forget about them. But when I do use them, I always have Snap Shot for the gunner. Having a small edge in zeroing time is the only skill that can directly effect your ability to hit other tanks. The rest of my crew go camouflage.

      The only Perks I ever use are Brothers in Arms. If I can get a crew to 100% secondary skill, nothing will have an all-round effect on their performance like BiA. (That and I consider most of the Perks not worth the effort)
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        Re: Tank Crew Perks/Skills

        Some great info above!

        brothers in arms - love it and try to squeeze it in on most of my tanks.

        "Personally, I would say skip on Firefighting, Armorer, Jack of All Trades, Safe Stowage, and Preventative Maintenance, as all can be covered in most situations by proper use of fire extinguishers, repair kits and first aid kits."

        In general a good practice, but there are some tanks that these skills work incredibly well on. Using safe stowage frees up a slot on your gear, enabling you to remove a wet ammo rack and use something to add some more offense to the tank. There are a bunch of tanks that suffer from weak ammo racks and this skill is a godsend. M103, T110E5/E4, Type 59 and I am sure there are a few more. it's a situational skill - but some tanks benefit greatly from it. I mean who wants to get one or two shot in these tanks? Some tanks have ammo storage all over the hitboxes, T110E5 is the first that comes ot mind, t110e4 likes to get it's ammo rack nicked up alot too.

        Also preventative maintenance is a must on some hi end german vehicles. If you play them, you know what I mean, Lowe, TigerII or any german vehicle with the engine damage model in the front will greatly benefit from this skill.

        I use controlled impact on my tanks that are "heavy" for thier tier. (works well with the "heavy" french tanks as well) My E-50 is a speeding bullet, i have rammed and one shot lower tier td's, scouts, plenty of artillery, etc... nothing like approaching another tank at 50+kmh, put a round into him for 400 and ram him for another 4-500, and by then I have another round loaded. I have been called a cheater many times while using this tactic. You can alpha down a tank very quickly like this ;) I also use it in my cougar (vk2801) I have rammed and killed a gazillion light tanks and arty with it. This allows me to auto target a second target and keep firing while concentrating on driving headlong into another, great way to deal with 2-3 arty that are huddled together in close proximity. Also use it on my KV-5 and a few others that are escaping my mind.

        I try and use sixth sense religiously on my td's and light tanks. it will also be helpful on any vehicle that might be labeled a sniper, p4, panther 2, etc

        Clutch breaking for heavies and td's. And repairs, repairs, repairs and more repairs, when in doubt choose repairs.

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          Re: Tank Crew Perks/Skills

          I'm a little surprised that you've used a wet ammo rack, ever. I guess I just can't justify giving up one of my offensive slots (Rammer, Vents, V.Stab/GLD/Binos) for a defensive increase that might come into play once every few battles. To each his own, I understand American Heavies and Russian Meds can be big on ammo rack loss though.

          Good choice on Controlled Impact for the E-50 and KV-5. Those are probably the two best Ram-Tanks in the whole game. Personally, I don't let my E-50 into CQB that often, so I can't justify a ram skill. Something more you should know about Controlled Impact - It only works when both vehicles are in motion. This means if you ram (usually stationary) artillery or TDs, it won't make a difference, unfortunately. For this reason I really cannot recommend its use on a scout tank, particularly as ramming in a scout gives up the only thing keeping you alive - mobility.

          As an (almost) exclusively German player, I can't really agree with preventative maintenance for these vehicles. For one, the driver just has too many really useful ability skills to use him on a defensive one. I really don't find I get my engine wrecked all that often. I drive the Tiger, Tiger II, Lowe, E-75, Panther, Panther II, E-50, VK4502P - Many of the supposedly big culprits for engine destruction, but I still find it to be relatively rare.

          That's my opinion, mainly just because I like a good argument.

          Oh, and I just wanted to add that the new crew skills give a slight edge to tanks with more crew, as they can throw on more bonuses. (or the same bonuses with less loss to repair efficiency) This advantage usually falls towards the large-crew German tanks! Take THAT Bias!
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