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  • update 0.8.0

    Ok just downloaded and installed the latest update. Played a round before I noticed that the paint schemes are gone. I have not figured out how to get them back. Anyone else notice them gone?

    Disregard, found the answer:


    All camouflage present on tanks at the time of the update was removed, and a refund for the cost was returned to the account:
    - Camouflage removal and refund will be performed automatically upon the first login to the game after the update
    - Camouflage will be compensated at purchase price & in purchase currency - gold or credits respectively
    - All camouflage is refunded at the same price it was purchased for
    Up to three camouflage patterns (summer, winter, desert) can be purchased and stored for each vehicle. The pattern will be selected automatically depending on the classification of the map. If there is no appropriate pattern, then no camouflage will be applied
    Camouflage patterns now give 5% camouflage bonus to the vehicle characteristics when in use

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    Re: update 0.8.0

    Since I save my money for something that actually improves my tanks performance, I never really noticed, although I did read that paragraph in the patch notes.
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      Re: update 0.8.0

      I've noticed that some times when I fire, the round doesn't go out. I had that happen four times in a row where either I missed my target (Don't know how I did since the circle enveloped the enemy tank) or I wasn't firing rounds at all. They really need to fix that.

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