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  • Review of British medium line

    In case any of you were interested in going up the British medium line I have played up to tier 9. So I will give my feedback on each tank starting from tier 5. I am skipping the early tiers because they mostly seem balanced, and the time spent in them is short. Wall of text inbound.

    Medium line:

    Tier 5 Crusader- This tank is one you want to get rid of immediately. Its gun is ok. The gun was clearly designed for flank shots, and it is certainly capable of that. However, this tank has a top speed of 44kmh despite being a light tank. This means that flanking the enemy is hard due to a lack of speed. This tank is also a light, therefore, it has virtually no armour. All in all, not a good experience.

    Tier 6 Cromwell- This tank is a real keeper. Its extremely fast, as fast as a light tank. With a top speed of 64 km/h, which it reaches fairly easily. Its got ok armour. But above all else, its gun is outstanding. The gun hits hard and accurately. The cromwell is even more fun to play than the Easy 8, which I didn't think was possible. The Cromwell is best used as a fast flanker, it can run circles around enemy heavies at close range, with ease.

    Tier 7 Comet- The Comet is an "upgraded" cromwell. It looks the same, however it feels like an entirely different tank. Due to the increase in armour, the tank is significantly slower, with a top speed of 51 km/h. The Comet also has poor track traverse, making it hard to turn. This means that the Comet is not suited for the same flanker style of play as the Cromwell. Luckily, the Comet does have one huge advantage over the Cromwell, it has a well armoured turret that has great hull down capability. This allows the Comet to get into a hull down position on the flank of the enemy, and harrass them. Overall, this tank is not worth keeping. However, it is ok to play; nothing special though.

    Tier 8 Centurion- The Centurion is an entirely new chassis in the British medium line. This is a late war tank, as such, its armed with a late war gun, the 20 pounder. The 20 pounder is incredible, and is the best tier 8 medium cannon by far. Its so good in fact, that the 20 pounder is also mounted on the tier 8 British heavy, the Canaveron. The Centurion has weak hull armour and slow speed, with a top speed of 40 km/h. This makes the centurion the slowest tier 8 med by far. However, the Centurion doesn't need speed or hull armour. The Centurion has a trick up its sleeve, its got an incredible turret that is fit for a heavy. In fact, the turret is fitted to a heavy,the same turret is used for the British tier 8 heavy. This turret is extremely bouncy and can easily take up to tier 9 and sometimes 10, shells. The turret also has full hull down capability. A combination of a very lenthal fast firing gun, and a nearly indestructible turret make the Centurion a joy to play. Its a definite keeper tank.

    Tier 9 Centurion Mk 7/1- This tank shares a lot in common with the Centurion 1, it has essentially the same turret, and it has the same top speed. The hull is slightly upgraded, not that it makes much of a difference. However,the biggest difference this tank has, is its access to a tier 10 gun. This means the Centurion 7/1 is better armed than the E50,T54, M46 Patton, T54E1, and Lorraine 40T. The Cannon this tank gets is the British L7 105mm. Different versions of this gun are also used on the M48 Patton and Leopard 1. Its a quality gun. The only drawback to using it on this tier 9 tank, is that it has a long reload time. However, it is more than tolerable. All in all, this tank is excellent.

    Tier 10 FV4502 - I have not played this tank, but from what I hear, it is mediocre, and it is rarely seen on the battlefield.

    From tier 5 to 10, there are 3 mediocre tanks at tier 5, 7, and 10. There are 3 superb tanks at tier 6, 8, and 9. If you were ever interested in going up the British medium line, I would say it is well worth your while to get to at least the Cromwell. The Centurions are also worth grinding to, but their play style may not be for everyone.
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    Nice work Socom.


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      Re: Review of British medium line

      Great write up.

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