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  • Review of British Heavy line

    Here is a small review of each tank in the British heavy line. I am going to skip to tier 5, as the previous tanks are fairly balanced, and you don't spend much time in them. The British heavy line is a bit different from most heavy lines, as it has guns that fire fast, and do low damage. They are armed with cannons you would expect to see on a medium. Wall of text inbound.

    Tier 5 Churchill 1- This tank is slow, with a whopping top speed of 25 kmh. However, this tank makes up for its lack of speed with decent armour and a great gun. The armour is somewhat bouncy. But the most redeeming quality is the 75mm high velocity gun, which is highly accurate, and with decent damage and great penetration. All in all, not a bad tank, but not a great tank.

    Tier 6 Churchill VII -This tank is also slow, even slower than the Churchill 1, with a top speed of 20 KM/H. Despite having the same chassis and a similar look to the Churchill 1, this tank is much more heavily armoured than the Churchill 1. The Churchill 7 has a slightly better gun than the Churchill 1, however, it is an adequate gun at tier 6 and 7. In a tier 6 battle, the Churchill 7 will dominate, as most tanks will bounce off of it. In anything higher than tier 6, the Churchill 7 will struggle, as its armour becomes less capable. All in all, not a bad tank.

    Tier 7 Black Prince- This is an upgrade of the Churchill design. It has the exact same hull as the Churchill 7, and it even shares the same upgraded turret that the Churchill 7 had. The primary difference is that the Black Prince has a little bit more gun depression, and most importantly, a new and much better gun. The 17 pounder has decent penetration, sitting at 171 average penetration when using standard AP shells. The 17 pounder rips tier 7 tanks to shreds fairly easily, with its fast fire rate and decent damage. Against tier 8 and 9 tanks, the 17 pounder is a bit lacklustre, due to its lack of damage and pen. Luckily, the 17 pounder is fast firing, which means you have many chances to pen the enemy, and perhaps scare them off. All in all, not a bad tank.

    Tier 8 Canaveron- This is an entirely new tank design, unlike the Churchill series. This tank features a decent hull, good speed and manoeuvrability, and an all new cannon. Best yet, the Canaveron features an extremely strong turret that is capable of deflecting tier 9 and sometimes 10 shells. The turret also has great depression, which allows for hull down. On top of that, the 20 pounder cannon the Canaveron is armed with, is fast firing, extremely accurate, and damages decently. Much like previous British heavy tanks, the cannon feels like its suited for a medium. However, its still a fantastic cannon on a heavy. All in all, the Canaveron ranks among one of the best heavies of tier 8. Its even better than the T32, as its armour is roughly the same, but the gun is much better. Its a very good multi role tank that excels in every category. Out of all the Tier 8 heavies I have played (IS3,Tiger 2, T32, AMX 50-100) I have found the Canaveron to be the most versatile and most pleasurable to drive. It has almost no drawbacks. The only thing that players may not like, is its gun is lowish damage, which is unusual for a heavy. But, the fire rate makes sure that the low damage is entirely tolerable.

    Tier 9 Conqueror - This tank shares the same chassis as the Canaveron, and while the hull armour was decent at tier 8, its only ok at tier 9. The turret is even weaker than the Canaveron's, but it gets a huge upgrade in fire power. This tank for all intensive purposes, is a TD. It plays just the same as a TD. Except its highly manoeuvrable and fast. The 120mm gun on this tank fires only slightly slower than the tier 10 T110E5s, and it has better accuracy than the T110E5's 120mm. This tank is definitely a support tank. It is like a slighly better armed M103, with a small sacrifice to armour in favour of gun.

    Tier 10 FV215B- I do not own this tank, but from what I hear, it plays like a T110E5, except the turret is in the back, which makes it a little awkward to handle. The FV215B is rarely seen on the battlefield, as a result.

    Overall, I would not recommend going up the British heavy line. The Churchill series of tanks are ok, but nothing special. They perform poorly above their respective tiers, and it gets repetitive to play the same tank 3 times in a row. The Canaveron is fantastic, and I highly recommend it, its the best part of the whole British heavy line. The Conqueror is ok at best, it hits hard but is almost incapable of taking a hit. And the FV215B is awkard to play.

    Unless you are going for the Canaveron specifically, don't waste your time on this line.
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    Re: Review of British Heavy line

    Another great write-up.

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      Re: Review of British Heavy line

      I agree with Socomseal. Good write up.

      The Black Prince is okay but you just got through playing this tank twice. In some battles by the time you get to the battle the battle is just about over. Thus you get very little exp. I couldn't wait to get out of this tank.

      The Canaveron is fun to play. I'm in no hurry to move up to the next one.
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