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Tactical Gamer World of Tanks - Signature Banners

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  • [IMAGES] Tactical Gamer World of Tanks - Signature Banners

    A few of you have requested some form of World of Tanks siggy for the forums (and elsewhere) that helps you represent Tactical Gamer and the fact you love your tanks. So here they are!


    Background Image: If you have one you want to use, send it to me full-sized and I will fit it onto the siggy and post it up.
    Font Style: If you'd like to see your name in a different font, supply me with the font (via PM) or point me to where I can find the font (free please).
    Others: Any other requests are accepted. I will try my best to incorporate them within reason.

    Signature Banners

    Commander Signature

    Recruit/Soldier Signature

    Generic Signature

    Please note that all signature banners conform to the Tactical Gamer forum signature size limitations. The images above might be slightly higher quality than your individual banners due to being not hosted directly by the forum.
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    Re: Tactical Gamer World of Tanks - Signature Banners

    Two new images to add to our collection
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