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    Unlocked the Black Prince T7 British heavy tank, and I must say. That tank is a force not to go against. I show other players my side, they think, "oh a noob who shows me his side armor, easy kill." nope!!!! I bounce more shells off my side armor than anything. I get Steel Wall almost every time I do that. Of course if I get into a tier 9 match with it I can't do the same tactic, but it works great on T7 matches and T8 matches. All and all, it is a great tank to play, and fun!!

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    Re: Black Prince

    With the black prince? But it has the same armor stats of the Churchhill VII. It's kinda meh for being 1 tier higher. If they are hitting your sides, then they don't realize that they need to be shooting your turret.
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