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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Welcome Aboard

    Please make sure you add Weslinator to your contacts and say Howdy when you see him.

    Will Do.

    Will do as well!

    Welcome aboard Weslinator! :D

    Ok, Weslinator's parents had an issue with the forums displaying his age and withdrew from the clan. Sad as I could have helped him turn off the display. Thinking about it now I'd better see if his profile still shows his birthdate and contact administration if so.
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    Re: Welcome Aboard

    Welcome aboard


    Uh Rah!
    Forewarned is Forearmed


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      Re: Welcome Aboard

      Welcome aboard


      Been playing with our BF4 group and has moved from the EU server to play with us.
      Forewarned is Forearmed


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        Re: Tacticalgamer (TG) WoT Clan Sign up thread

        that does sound fun but if I ended up scoring with COH 2 for less than 10 bucks this weekend. It was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. - It looks like WOT will be going strong for a long time though and COH 2 will take only a few weeks I bet.

        What are the game you play in squads or teams or is it every tank for itself. Is it a free to play game does that work. I'm guessing free to get in the door but $ to rank up.

        Is this about grinding for upgrades or .... ?

        Thanks for the info guys.
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          Re: Welcome Aboard

          It is a free to play game. You never have to pay a single cent to own all the content in the game.

          There are distinct advantages to the pace of advancing that equates with any other subscription based game if you choose to pay and also uses micro transactions as well. Although many here would doubt that they are micro in nature when individual tanks can cost over $50. The term grinding does get bantered about and I have stopped calling it that because it turns it into work instead of something I'm doing for fun. There is nothing (except map selection) forcing you up the ladder and reaching tier 5 is neither a grind nor unpleasant but if you want the highest tier content be prepared for a long and arduous time.

          We are absolutely stressing the team dynamics inherent in this title and are working to advance as platoons in random battles, squads in Strongholds with an eye to the global map, and Tournament play where a friend or two and I last night managed a tied 3rd finish after a 0-2 start

          You could go ahead and download and install the program and play as a diversion as it can certainly be played a game or two at a time.

          Hope this helps
          Forewarned is Forearmed


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            Re: Welcome Aboard

            its a great game tbh. paying for it only make progression faster but it is one of those games to where if you do go up the tiers fast you had better have the skill to back up your tank.
            tiers I-IV are fun but mostly unorganized free for alls whereas tiers V and VI you start learning more.

            each tier brings a new level in opponent skill...the speed in which you reach the higher tiers can often affect your fun factor.
            grinds are not bad as there are truly very few tanks that flat out suck. and the grinds themselves allow you to learn that particular tanks stlye of play.

            i highly recommend this game. the best free to play there is imo.

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