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  • Revival of World of Tanks at Tactical Gamer

    Some may have noticed that Bubba is no longer the Commander of the World of Tanks clan. That position was passed on to me and as far as I know he has moved on. I haven't been around very long in this game, but I hope to be a good leader and commander. Given my relatively limited experience in World of Tanks, I'll be relying on LpBronco and other players for advice, help, and some leadership decisions. With that said, I am naming LpBronco as my second-in-command and thus will stay in his current Deputy Commander role. Jeepo will also keep his Deputy Commander role until such a time as we figure out if he will be returning (or not) and in what capacity.

    We currently have a very inactive group of members (see the stickied membership list above). After several lengthy discussions with LpBronco, we plan on reviving the WoT clan here at TG. With that in mind there are a few goals we would like to accomplish within the coming months and within this year. They are listed below.

    Short Term Goals (Coming Several Months)

    Goal #1: Start getting our activity up.

    This is a two-part goal: current members and future members. The first part involves sifting through our roster of inactive members and figuring out who will be returning and who won't. We then have to get our roster of players playing again actively and regularly. The second part involves recruiting/accepting in new players into our fold. Unfortunately without a already active base of participating players, we cannot hope to successfully recruit and keep new members. Additionally, we need to discuss how we want to recruit new members and what requirements we should set forth for applicants (stay tuned for a announcement on this at a later date).

    Goal #2: Playing Together as a Team

    Given that we haven't had a clan match in a long time and the high inactivity of our players, I would like to get players to start playing together in 3-man platoons as often as we can. This lets us familiarize ourselves with our tanks and the various maps. We can start formulating strategy and tactics, working on each others strengths and weaknesses, and working as a team.

    Long Term Goals (2014 and Beyond)

    Goal #3: Upper Tiered Tanks

    In order to participate effectively in clan matches and other platoon events, we'll need to ensure our players have upper tiered tanks. This means at least tier 8 through tier 10 tanks will be needed. This involves a lot of experience and silver credits, thus a lot of play time and hopefully victories.

    Goal #4: Events

    I would love to see clan matches and platoon battles happening again, but also more than just matches and platoon battles. I would like to have regular TG organized events. For example, Newbies Night, where we play tier 1 and tier 2 tanks and help introduce new players to the game and to our community. For clan battles and such, ideally we will need 45 tanks (and thus 45 players) plus some additional tanks (players) for overlap and rotational spares and players will have to commit to at least two (2) nights per week that they can help in fighting for and holding territory.
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