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  • General Tanking Tips

    Hello everyone,

    Some of you have spoken to me, some haven't. My ingame name is PJR_. I have played this game for 5 years, and I'm a unicum. My goal in this clan is to advance you guys via training, calling your battles (hopefully), getting this clan some gold income, etc.

    The reason I am doing this is because I've never done it before. I've been an officer for RELIC, HAVOK, -G-, OTTER, BADGR, PURPL, W-A-R, and NUKED. I am a top 1000 player on server in every statistical category. And in this post, I am going to give you guys some tips that will not only help in clan wars, but in pub battles and tournaments as well that will help you better yourself as a player within WOT.

    This is simple math. If the tank you are fighting is healthier than you, and can hit you harder, just run away from him. Or wait for help. Situation depending.

    No matter if its a 1 shot tank you are facing. Its better to kill him and bounce his shot, than take 250 more damage and kill him. YOUR HP MATTERS. Protect it if you are able. If your tank is at a good angle, your chances of coming out of the engagement unscathed is greater than a head on shot.

    I cannot stress this enough. Arty safe cannot be under-exaggerated. You will take less "free damage" and stay alive longer, which means you can shoot other enemies 1 or more times, increasing your teams chances of winning the battle.

    When facing 2 tanks, and one is at low health, kill the low health tank first. Always. There are few situations where this is ill-advised. (Basically the only reason you shouldn't do this is when facing a steady fire tank like an IS3, and a 1390, and the 1390 has no more shots in his clip. If he cant shoot you, he is no longer as dangerous as the IS3.) Killing the low health tank reduces the enemies combined DPM against you.

    When using bushes for cover, never sit in the bush. Never sit right behind the bush. ALWAYS back up until you can no longer see through the bush in sniper mode. This gives you the highest possible camo value when firing. Its WOT 101.

    More tips are to come, and I am always open to questions. Please let me know how helpful this was, as more forum posts are to follow.

    Thank you,


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    Re: General Tanking Tips

    Very good tips! To amend, if I may:

    2. Some exceptions seem to exist. In researching through Wot Guru & "The Mighty Jingles" I have found that the IS-3 tank should ONLY be angled between 50 & 100 meters from the enemy - being straight-forward closer or further. Same seems to be the case for the Tiger 2 in ways, but different, whereas the armor is worse while angled than straight-forward. A couple of other tanks may fit this bill. Open to debate on this, of course, as always.

    4. I semi-frequently switch temporarily to HE, with AP queued for next, for the specific purpose of knocking out a gun. I usually try to do this twice, assuming of course that the enemy uses hit or her repair kit on the first breakage.

    5. If trying to simultaneously snipe & spot: push through the bushes until they are semi-transparent (translucent) Once spotted, pull back until all of the bushes are opaque (can't see through), get your aim, THEN fire for best results. Reason being claims to be that the first allows spotting while the latter allows concealment.


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      Re: General Tanking Tips

      I appreciate your feedback.

      However, I would like to point out that these are only general tanking tips. For example, if you are trying to hide a Maus behind a bush, not happening. Angling a batchat, will not work.

      GENERALLY, these are good tips. But I can go more into them if you guys would like.



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        Re: General Tanking Tips

        Thank You sir for doing this...

        im on green/blue level guides on wotlabs atm. so im eagerly awaiting more in depth guides from you.



        ron: the reason you dont angle the is3 is because the front armor is already angled so you face them head on...always...
        if you angle an is3 you will turn the side of your front upper hull into a nice big flat piece of steel that can easily be penetrated.

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          Re: General Tanking Tips

          I still can't respond to forums with even the most vague reference to a link using "dot" & "slash". This is scaring me away from this method of communications in leiu of TS coms & in-game


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            Re: General Tanking Tips

            I would very much so. I know the link for camo at [randomly forbidden website previously posted by Bronco] which is beyond awesome IMO. So yeah, T-150 won't simply hide behind a bush nearby. My main agenda was more about addressing the exemptions to angling.


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              Re: General Tanking Tips

              FYI, RonJeanJr, you may have just reached the threshold of posts to be able to use links. Happy graduation day! Well, you know 3 days ago I mean.
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                Re: General Tanking Tips

                I'd like to ad....

                2. Do you know 100% no one can hit you. Drive straight on my friends. Have an inkling that someone might invisitanking you? Like running from cover to cover? Zig zag. Yup. Zig zag. It doesn't have to be a crazy movement but taking a zig zag path presents harder angles for snipers to hit. Turret wiggling helps too.

                5. Sometimes you need to peak out of that bush because you're in a pub match and no one will spot for you. Pull up to the bush so your hidden. Move back so it's almost opaque. (Or get good enough to just pull up to the right diatance). Wait for a target to light up. Pull back so the bush is now opaque. You have about 10 seconds for the target to stay lit. Fire at will. This way the bush won't "disappear" when you fire and you can stay hidden.

                Light Tanks have no problem with this but any other tank will lose camo value when moving. It's a situational dependant trick that takes time to master.

                Also, Sir Havok's YouTube series "WOT University". Watch them. For real. He covers tons of tanking 101 that will help you be a better player.


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                  Re: General Tanking Tips

                  Fudge. My phone double posted.




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