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WN8 is so underrated for scouts, and here's why:

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  • WN8 is so underrated for scouts, and here's why:

    2786 spotting damage @ tier 7 for a 145 WN8 game? Spotting is important and makes a big difference in the game. DON'T make the mistake of under-estimating your enemy based on their WN8! You never know how good they really are without being measured for it!

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    Re: WN8 is so underrated for scouts, and here's why:

    Look at your EFF (efficiency) rating, the one Wargaming uses in-game. That's a pretty good measure for scouts. Alpha damage is mostly what makes up WN8. So if you like following WN8, then you should be dealing tons of alpha every game. It's decent measurement if you happen to be playing a TD or a heavy, but no so much for a supporting role.
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      Re: WN8 is so underrated for scouts, and here's why:

      WN8 doesn't evaluate Spotting Damage because it wasn't added to WG API until after release of WN8 so WN8 had no way of calculating it. Also, WN8 developers poured over VBAddict profiles from many many players with various stats and came up with conclusion that adding spotting damage in would only change someone WN8 by +/-25 for 99% of people. WN9 currently in development will use it because WN9 is also doing away with overall and switching to X amount of day rolling average. WN8 is designed to be average approximation of how particular player will do over many games. Obviously people tend to have great games and bad games.

      Also, M41 Bulldog is considered one of best LT at it's tier. Only SP1C has higher expected damage values but M41 has highest expected tanks spotted, Kills and win rate.




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