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  • Tournaments and other events - attendance

    Hey folks, just wanted to say something about tournaments.

    I enjoy playing the competitive side of WoT - Stand-Tos, the weekly Skirmishes, Match-Up Melees etc. I don't mind building teams for TG and other friends.
    When I play in these events, I make a concerted effort to make sure that I'm available for team training, I outfit tanks with expensive consumables, I spend gold for upgrading, I do my best to scout the opposition as other commitments allow.
    If something comes up, and I can't fulfill a commitment, I let people know.

    Please, if you join a team that I am the captain of, let me know of any restrictions you have regarding availability (can attend every day but...) , tank limitations (my best tank has a gimped crew and I don't have gold to upgrade them), computer problems (have occasional game crashes) etc. I will accommodate a lot of problems, if I can, to try and get you the experience of playing something but random pubs.

    Now the big one. The issue that drives me up the wall.
    If you sign up for the team, and find you can't make it to the battle on time, or at all, because of real life, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me, or another teammate know! Got unexpected homework? Jump on and leave me a message in-game - even if I'm not online at that instant, I'll get the message when I log in. Wife's car battery died, and you have to play taxi? Jump into the forum - here, or the official WoT one - and PM me. Mother-in-law drops in unexpectedly and you are forced to be sociable to maintain family harmony? Email me (Tankergirl65 at yahoo-dot-ca). There are even a few people whom I have trusted with my Skype and facebook info, and I will give them permission to give that info out if you really need it.

    Okay, I know that if you are stuck in traffic, or your power goes out, you might not be able to let me know right away. If you find yourself suddenly barfing your guts out, you may not even be able to let me know until the next day. If a family emergency comes up, pixel tanks won't be on your priority list for a while. But please, let me know when you can.

    I'm not a serious eSports player like some, but I put a fair bit of effort into building a team, having the right vehicles outfitted (sometimes using real money), setting up training rooms, etc. Other teammates do their parts, too. If you don't show up, and don't bother to communicate (even after the fact) that you can't make it, you let the whole team down. If you CONSISTENTLY skip without an explanation, you won't get invited anymore, either.

    BTW, "I forgot" isn't what I consider to be a good excuse, even the first time. The second time? Don't expect to join my team again.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Tournaments and other events - attendance

    I second this post & amend that if something like chores or homework come up, MEET your promised obligations, or else don't make promises that you might not be willing and/or able to keep throughout the future.


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      Re: Tournaments and other events - attendance

      Well put! :)




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