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  • Goodbye

    Active immediately, unfortunately, I will be halting my WoT gameplay & subscription *against* my will. I was banned "indefinitely" due to a chargeback for my tank gift to Epic despite $265 in my account and billing / support ticket won't respond to me, so I'm filing LOTS of PayPal disputes to get all my money spent. Either way, my account is as good as deleted, so I can't play, so I can't be a part of the clan anymore, due to literally no logical reason. I apologize for any stress this will cause, even though I have no power over the situation, and wish all of you the best of luck!

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    Re: Goodbye

    Make a new account?

    Personally I donít understand that the real problem is, you being upset about Wargaming isn't responding to your account for a problem that isnít your fault, or the fact you justd onít seem to find interest in the game itself. Whichever the reason is, I donít blame you, but I think it isnít such a big deal (as you make other problems on the World of Tanks Forums seem like they are big).

    Now this isnít my forums, nobody here knows me here, my high reputation on WoT Forums doesnít carry here, so Iím not going to bash you around, but you make it seem like being banned for a problem that isnít your fault is a big deal in life.

    If you really wanna quit go ahead, be our guest, but to actually commit to a clan and make connections and then suddenly up and leave because you donít feel satisfied by the game makes me feel like you never cared about your clan mates, your friends who play this game in the first place.

    NOW, IF I was in your shoes, Iíd say [edit] it and make a new account, but thatís only my opinion because I love this game with the bottom of my heart. I have given up other games where my reputation would of made me famous (SAS Zombie assault 54th world best player, or Platinum II rank in League of Legends, very popular and know player in leaderboards for online games, ETC).

    The choice is yours. Think about it.


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      Re: Goodbye

      +1 N3RV3

      Ron, it can take several days for Wargaming to respond to a specific ticket but I have found that they do respond and ultimately the issues are resolved. If a mistake was made they will correct it and most "bans' are temporary and carry no long term consequences.
      Forewarned is Forearmed


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        Re: Goodbye

        Thanks, and I do love the game so would make a new account if my old one couldn't get unlocked. The ban sounded permanent, so I was rather high alarmed. And, as for quitting the clan, I was meaning that in correlation with that account, not my personal self. I'd presume this would also force me to make a whole new forum account....not sure exactly how both logins are linked to each other. Perplexing was the fact that it was an allegedly failed purchase from last year, but Epic's been driving the tank, and I was charged for it out of my bank account. I will not sever connections to my friends here in TG, but I won't be able to play at your levels for a long time due to free time availability. Hopefully things will all work out on the brighter side of the coin in the long run.


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          Re: Goodbye

          Your WoT account is not linked in any way to your TG forum account. The two are mutually exclusive.

          Since you already have a second account, I'd say just rebuy what tanks you want for the new account and if WG responds about your old account...great. If they don't, at least you'd have some money back through your chargebacks/disputes.

          There's a added bonus: you are now essentially a reroll. That could mean you could have appreciably better gaming stats (WoT, WG, etc). If that has any weight to your gameplay.
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