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WOT Vision Mechanics 101 Monday 6-20-16 10pm Est

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  • [EVENT] WOT Vision Mechanics 101 Monday 6-20-16 10pm Est

    I'm at it again people. This time I'm running a class on the vision mechanics system of our favorite tank simulation game.

    This is a non-TGU class.

    What does that mean!!!!???? The armor syllabus was roughly 6 some odd hours of my life to create. I just don't have the dang time to prepare for this class so I'm winging it. You'll learn stuff, but you won't get a cool pin for it. Maybe the higher powers will grant a pin, and maybe they won't.

    This class is designed for newer players who don't understand any of the following concepts;

    -spotting enemy tanks and being spotted by enemy tanks
    -what the viewrange circles actually mean
    -how to actually use bushes for cover
    -spotting checks
    -view ports and spotting ports
    -the different camo values that tanks posses
    -what binoculars, coated optics, situational awareness, and recon actually do
    -the wierd math of being able to see past 445m but not actually seeing past it
    -working with a spotter in a platoon
    -what the camo skill does for your crew

    If you don't understand any of that, you really should come.

    If you do understand it, you're still welcome to come as I'll need a few targets to demonstrate different techniques on.

    Who: Me talking a bunch and getting ya'll to do stuff. Plus anyone who shows up.

    What: a class on vision mechanics

    When: Monday 6-20-16 at 10pm Est. That's 10pm my time in Philly. Figure it out for your own time zone.

    Where: On teamspeak, probably in the TGU channel. I'll come find people.

    Why: Because it's my damn job to teach you noobz how to tank better, and I'm a nerd who likes to teach..... and I know how frustrating it is to learn this game.

    Requirements: anyone who comes must either run XVM for mini-map circles, or if you don't run XVM I'll show you how to get the range circles on your map within the game options menu.

    What tanks do I need: no requirements. Depending on who shows up I'll try to get a variety of heavy, medium, lights, and TD's to show how things work.

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    Re: WOT Vision Mechanics 101 Monday 6-20-16 10pm Est

    Sounds Great, sure enjoyed the last one ya put on. I will try to be there.





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