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Time for me to head off into the hils

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  • Time for me to head off into the hils

    Hi there. I'm not leaving because I am not getting along with folks here. Far from it. I am leaving because I suck, plain and simple. I had been in what was supposed to be a training clan (BOT) but they imploded shortly after I arrived, so I got little if any training. I came here because FC-51 who I had been platooning with A LOT in BOT came here. I had hoped to be where I could learn and grow as a tanker in this game. Unfortunately the only person who was regularly willing to platoon happens to be in the same skill level as I so neither of us will be learning much. I'm trying to head over to a dedicated training clan so I can get some very needed skill boosting. I just can't get that here. The other folks here like to play in upper tiers and that is where I just don't belong at this point. I need to learn to be effective before I play at tier 9 and 10. It's bad enough when my few tier 8 tanks get sucked into those levels (almost every game) just trying to do my "daily doubles".

    I hope to keep y'all as friends as like I said I'm not leaving because I'm upset with ya. I just need something I can't get here.

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    I understand and it was a big hit when FC left. Know at anytime you'd be welcome to return.
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