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  • Elite: Dangerous Released Today!

    Elite: Dangerous Released Today!

    Welcome commanders to Elite: Dangerous! Scratchnsniff0 will be your guide today!

    Have you ever wanted to explore the galaxy, pushing the boundaries of the unknown? Have you ever seen Boba Fett on Star Wars and say, "gosh I wish I was a bounty hunter?" Or do you feel safer plying the trade routes looking for that deal that'll make you millions of credits? Arrr your watching these traders and thinking that their cargo would look better in your cargo hold? You can do that all and more in Elite: Dangerous. Elite: Dangerous is a space-flight simulator released by Frontier Developments for PC today with a Mac version to follow most likely around 3 months from now. This game is the latest in the practically ancient lineage of Elite, with the first game being released in 1984 by David Braben and Ian Bell. ...
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  • ArmA 3 - Exciting Times and the Island Campaign

    ArmA 3 - Exciting Times and the Island Campaign

    TG ArmA has a very exciting event coming up, Island 7: Achilles Heel. It’s a platoon sized anti-battery mission where you are part of the AAF platoon stationed on the outskirts of Pygros and are being shelled by Nato artillery. But before we have our mission maker |TG| B tell you all about the Island 7 campaign, let us fill you in on some of the community developments that have been growing the TG ArmA community. The big developments have been in spontaneity in missions and events, great leadership and even greater teamwork....
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  • ArmA3 Anvil Framework

    ArmA3 Anvil Framework

    Are you looking to make missions for ArmA 3 with ease and multiple objectives complete with rewards, resupplies and updated respawn points?

    Then you want the new mission development tool called “Anvil Framework”. Built by our own |TG| Will (mecharius), this new tool consists of a standalone editor, called the "Anvil Editor", which generates mission files and a suite of scripts, and is built on a easy to use User Interface (UI) that allows mission designers both beginner and expert the key tools they need at their fingertips to create immersive missions.

    Anvil is a strong creative tool for mission designers interested in making multi-objective missions. Missions that can include completion “success” parameters, linked objectives and updated rewards and respawn points. Missions that can begin at one location and move across the ArmA map as it progresses. All developed with the Anvil Framework in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The tool handles a lot of the code work freeing a mission designer to spend more time with the objectives and the enemy forces. Random patrols are also possible to keep teams on their toes and maintain good “360” no matter where they are in any given mission....
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  • A Resurgence of Red Orchestra 2 at TG

    A Resurgence of Red Orchestra 2 at TG

    Red Orchestra 2/ Rising Storm: About the Game
    Red Orchestra 2 is a realistic team based shooter set on the Eastern front during World War Two. It features a host of weapons, from sub machine guns, to AT rifles. The fighting portrayed in the game is often savage, with a mix of brutal urban combat, and long range fighting. The game features maps ranging from the streets of Stalingrad, to large open fields. This means that no one weapon is dominant in all situations, thus creating a balance. Beyond infantry, many Red Orchestra maps feature combined arms play, by offering players the opportunity to use tanks. The tanks are very well articulated, and are most effective when more than one player is operating it. The tanks differ from Battlefield's, as the driver is not the gunner, two separate crewman are required to drive and to gun. ...
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  • Star Citizen Arena Commander

    Star Citizen Arena Commander

    Friends, I am proud to announce that Cloud Imperium Games has released the long awaited dog fighting module. It has taken many months to deliver the promised module and CIG has delivered. As some of you might know, the dog fighting module has been renamed the Arena Commander and it allows for free flight and dog fighting computer and human opponents. To quote Chris Roberts, "V0.8 will give every qualified backer access to the Vanduul Swarm and Freeflight modes and includes the ability to fly the Aurora, 300i and Hornet. If you haven’t pledged for one of these ships, we’ll give you a loaner that is the closest in class to what you fly; we want everyone with Alpha access (or an Arena Commander pass) to get their first taste of spaceflight!" Currently, V.8 includes multiplayer functionality, but this feature will be slowly released to individuals as the teams test the servers and resolve issues. Within the coming weeks, the number of players capable of playing the module's battle royale and team battle modes will increase. Presently, the Arena Commander has a total of 250 employees working on the module. The plan is to rollout version .9 in the near future and shortly thereafter, version 1.0. Chris Robert's plan is to have the features mentioned at PAX and all of the multiplayer features completely available with the release of V1.0. ...
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  • Tactical Gamer World of Tanks Event - Junior Tank Company

    Tactical Gamer World of Tanks Event - Junior Tank Company

    We are reviving World of Tanks at Tactical Gamer. To kick off the revival, we are sponsoring a Junior Tank Company event. The event involves up to Tier IV tanks. We are looking to field 10-15 tanks (players) per team. For those who participate, a campaign ribbon will be awarded. This event will be held Saturday March 29, 2014 at 6:00 PM EST and then again at 8:00 PM EST. Running the event twice ensures we can cover Euro to West Coast time zones. We will be meeting up on the Tactical Gamer Teamspeak 3 server in the World of Tanks General Chat channel. If you are interested, sign up with the following: 1) your in-game name, 2) your best (highest victory percentage) complying tanks, and 3) which event time is best for you....
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  • Star Citizen - 40 Million Dollars in Crowdfunding

    Star Citizen - 40 Million Dollars in Crowdfunding

    Star Citizen is an upcoming persistent-universe space simulator being created by Chris Roberts (veteran of the Wing Commander series and Freelancer) and Cloud Imperium Games for the PC platform. The game is entirely crowd-funded and as of today has brought in over 40 million dollars, making it not just the largest crowdfunded game, but the largest ever crowdfunded project of any kind. Star Citizen aims to push the envelope of PC gaming with a no-compromise attitude towards graphical fidelity, supporting the latest in PC gaming technology and peripheral hardware. The game promises adventure in the stars on a grand scale, from the first-person perspective of a lone soul in a massive, crumbling empire. A persistent, dynamic universe populated with countless people with countless other stories. Are you ready to immerse yourself in the universe of Star Citizen?

    Star Citizen is being developed on Cryengine 3 and will consist of a both a single-player branching storyline campaign known as Squadron 42, and a persistent universe game which will span across dozens of star system and feature a simulated economy and player-influenced events. All players will exist simultaneously within the same universe, but players will function within instances. If an instance becomes full, a new one will be formed to handle the overflow. Within this universe, players will be able to take on any number of roles and attempt to make their pay in the universe. Merchant? Mercenary? Salvage Operator? Explorer? Pirate? Adventurer? Star Citizen promises a universe full of opportunity....
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  • Ribbons! (December 2013)

    Ribbons! (December 2013)

    Ribbons and Tactical Gamer

    On August 25th, 2005 the very first Service Ribbons were awarded at Tactical Gamer. Since then, there have been hundreds of registered Tactical Gamer members, playing in dozens of different game titles, who have been nominated by their peers as worthy and deserving of recognition. Awarded ribbons are displayed in the signature area of your forum profile and should be worn with pride. Because you can only be nominated by other Tactical Gamer members and the nomination has to be affirmed by Game Admins, being awarded a service ribbon isn't an easy accomplishment.

    What are Tactical Gamer Ribbons?

    I want to initially point you to two locations that are found in our forum list. First the Tactical Gamer Awards Presentation parent forum, where you can find every awarded ribbon in the history of the Ribbons System. Located in each specific award thread is the Description of the ribbon award contained within. The second location you need to be aware of is The Awards System at TG thread that explains the purpose and process of the Ribbons System....
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  • Natural Selection 2 in Humble Bundle!

    Natural Selection 2 in Humble Bundle!

    Looking to combine some fantastic TG gameplay with your charitable giving?

    For a limited time, Natural Selection 2 is included in Humble Bundle ("Pay what you want. Support charity. Get awesome games.")!

    Natural Selection 2 is a hybrid FPS/RTS, wherein you're able to lead from above or fight from the ground -- whatever you like. And Tactical Gamer has your server and squadmates ready and waiting!

    A classic description of the game is "really fast chess, with guns". In typical RTS fashion, both teams show a top-down "Commander" view to one player per team, and the different tech trees offer plenty of gameplay variety as squads compete tactically for strategic points on the map. As an FPS, Natural Selection 2 offers very satisfying teamplay, as coordinated attacks truly are key to success. As an RTS, Natural Selection 2 offers the thrill of real players acting on your strategic leadership!

    Now is a GREAT time to hop into Tactical Gamer Natural Selection 2 as a new player. The game has a LOT of depth, but our TGNS Forums have lots of helpful threads, and you can always ask new questions (or just say Hello!)....
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  • Happy First Birthday, Planetside 2!

    Happy First Birthday, Planetside 2!

    It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed already since the release of Planetside 2! In that time, we have had many great battles, refined our comms and training procedures, and our in game Outfit has grown to become one of the most respected on our server by bringing that special brand of TG teamwork, tactics, and community to yet another title.

    From a performance standpoint, Planetside 2 has never been better. The developers' recent "Operation: Make Faster Game" optimizations have made significant increases in framerates for many. The game now runs buttery smooth for most players, even in the largest of battles.

    What is This Planetside You Speak Of?

    For those who may be unaware, Planetside 2 is a free to play MMO FPS featuring combined arms battles, potentially on a massive scale. So whether you would like to roll in one of our Armor squads, our excellent Air wing, or just ground pound as a good old fashioned Infantryman, you will be able to find a place to do so in our Outfit on the battlefields of Auraxis.

    Combat can range in size from a nice tactical squad vs. squad fight over a small outpost, all the way up to to a massive multiple platoon affair requiring the coordination of many outfits, and everything in between. The game also offers an excellent in game platoon management UI, as well as great VOIP at the proximity, squad, platoon, and faction levels....
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