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  • Firepower 2 - Project Reality at TG

    Firepower 2 - Project Reality at TG

    Here at TG we love firepower and teamplay. This video is for everyone who plays here, you guys are awesome! - |TGXV| Gore

    Tactical Gamer was founded with a few very simple principles:

    1) Create an environment conducive for mature gamers to enjoy the games they play without the everyday interference from the less-than-mature gamers.

    2) Create an environment where there was mutual respect for your fellow gamers and where all members would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby.

    3) Support game play in a near-simulation environment. Where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine, regardless of the level of advantage, if any, it gives over the opposing team....
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  • Update: Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Weekend 4/5!

    Update: Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Weekend 4/5!

    The April Weekend Pass Free Trial will take place from Thursday, April 5th at 12:01AM CDT / 5:01AM GDT and concludes on Monday, April 9th at 2:00AM CDT / 7:00AM GMT. Players will be able to download the game client as soon as this Weekend Pass begins, and new players will be able to register up until 2:00AM CDT on Sunday, April 8th.

    Come and join TG on the republic side in Belgoth's Beacon!
    See you in a galaxy far far away......
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  • Christian Allen: Crowdsourced Game Interview

    Christian Allen: Crowdsourced Game Interview

    Recently Christian Allen, a veteran of game development branched off and created his own company Serellan LLC. His new companies vision? To create a hardcore tactical shooter that is build around input from the gamers themselves. To get support he put up a Kick Starter project asking that gamers help by donating. The reason for the donations is to prove to big investors that there is a want for a game of this type on the market.

    I was able to catch up with him recently and ask him a few questions about his project, the company, and his vision for the future of tactical shooters. What follows is the email interview with Christopher Allen CEO of Serellan LLC and lead developer on "Game-X"....
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  • TheGreatNardini Wins the TrackIR 5 Giveaway

    TheGreatNardini Wins the TrackIR 5 Giveaway

    We are happy to announce the winner of the Tactical Gamer TrackIR 5 Giveaway is TheGreatNardini! Congrats to him and thanks to all those who participated in the giveaway! Thanks also to Tactical Gamer's founder Apophis, Seth Steiling from Natural Point, Inc., and contributors: Dredge, TMan and Wicks. The time spent and good will shown is greatly appreciated by this community. ...
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  • Swedge interviews MasterCaution (Callous Disregard) PR:Arma2

    Swedge interviews MasterCaution (Callous Disregard) PR:Arma2

    "TacticalGamer: it's a community. It's not a clan. It's not exclusive in any way. But there's a certain ethos to it. It's that we want to have a mature, fun game. So a lot of the problems you see in console gaming, or just the behaviour issues, just don't exist in TG ... This community is fantastic."

    The TacticalGamer ProjectReality:Arma 2 v.015 Beta server currently enjoys the 2nd highest Arma 2 game server rank on the planet with recent epic single rounds involving as many as 100 players.

    Considered by many to be the most realistic military simulator in the world, and described as "the Thinking Man's game", Arma 2 under the Project Reality mod has gone from strength to strength. Under the tutelage of the cigar-toting, whiskey-and-fire-breathing Wicks and the rest of the TG admin team (including Paintscratcher, Unk, Socomseal, Axis_Sniper, Jeepo etc), the server has achieved renewed popularity, generating a landslide of after-action-reports, YouTube videos, forum posts, and screenshots....
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  • Rayne's Eye on Eve Online: The Future is Bright.

    Rayne's Eye on Eve Online: The Future is Bright.

    The title of this article should say it all ladies and gentlemen, the Future of Eve Online is a Bright one. With the release of Eve's latest expansion named "Crucible" CCP games has returned to the basics and the most important section of Eve Online, the Space Game. Now this doesn't mean we wont see plenty of juicy information on Dust 514, or continued iteration on Incarna elements, but as it stands for now CCP has focused on re-building the old and making it new and better. Crucible has brought a wide range of updates, quality of life improvements and has seen plenty of iteration. In this article I'll attempt to cover as much of Crucible as I can, focusing on Key Points while looking to the future of Eve Online and stopping at an interview with Eve Online's Creative Director, Tofi Frans Olafsson. So sit back and enjoy the ride, because if you're like me and you love the unique Sci Fi world of Eve..then you'll love what the future holds. Let's get started....
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  • Project Reality: ArmA2 v0.15 - Closed Beta Testing Event

    Project Reality: ArmA2 v0.15 - Closed Beta Testing Event

    Help test the next release of PR!
    On behalf of the Project Reality development team and the Tactical Gamer administration we are pleased to announce that the next release of Project Reality ArmA2 is coming out very soon! As such, to assist the development team in checking gameplay with a large number of players and also to highlight any bugs and issues that may have been missed in internal testing we will be hosting a pre-release closed beta testing event on the Tactical Gamer PR:Arma Server! The test will be starting at 19:00 GMT on Friday 10th February, and running through to 06:00 GMT on Monday 13th February. The server will be passworded for the duration of the testing event, the password will be communicated later here, and on the Project Reality forums.

    Later in the week the development team will release a special build of the mod for this event, this will not be final build and will not be useable after the event. The files will be available soon and will be announced both on the TG and PR forums. The download will be provided in 7z format and will contain installation instructions....
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  • Rayne's Eye on Independent Gaming: Kerbal Space Program, The Ultimate Playground.

    Rayne's Eye on Independent Gaming: Kerbal Space Program, The Ultimate Playground.

    Have you ever had a dream? Ever wanted to make a game or see a game made that gave you the ultimate playground experience? Was that dream linked to space exploration? Well one person had that dream and it came true, and as you'll see coming up in the next two videos, that game is Kerbal Space Program. Made by an indie game Dev known as "Squad". A Mexico city based marketing company trying to transition to game development and starting with a rather ambitious project. So, let's get started taking a look at this wonderful little game?

    The Idea
    So what is KSP you ask? Well basically, right now, it's a game about building spaceships, testing them, experiencing failure and building off that failure to do something better the second time. The future on the other hand is full of possibilities and potential as the lead designer and his team really want to make the ultimate space playground experience. They want to allow the player to build their own space program, and eventually venture into building their own solar empire. ...
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  • Panzer Corps Named Wargame of the Year by Usenet!

    Panzer Corps Named Wargame of the Year by Usenet!

    Yes folks I know we're a "tactical" gaming site but I wanted to share with you this news about a "strategic" level game that I myself have been enjoying.....

    Epsom , UK , January 20th, 2011 – Slitherine ( and Matrix Games ( would like to congratulate The Lordz Games Studio ( for winning the Usenet’s Wargame of the Year Award 2011! This coveted honor is bestowed upon the best historical wargame of the year and, given the near universal critical and fan acclaim of Panzer Corps, the award is no surprise!

    About Panzer Corps:

    Panzer Corps is a brand new turn-based strategy game that reinvents a classic genre. Produced and developed by a team of experts and brought to perfection by a community of hundreds of fans, the game has evolved over 2 years to become what can be defined as a modern classic! Set in World War II, Panzer Corps puts the player in charge of Axis armies, taking their core force with them through the entire war. The use of combined-arms tactics requires each general to make use of the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. Panzer Corps is designed to replicate the feeling of a classic wargame, but brings it up to 21st century standards and to a whole new generation of gamers. ...
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  • Two New Multi-Mission Events for ArmA2

    Two New Multi-Mission Events for ArmA2



    How would you like to play a mission series where the choices you make this week affect the mission you will play next week? That is exactly what the mission makers for our two new ArmA2 events are planning for. You read that right....two new and distinct multi-mission events are being rolled out next month! These missions are designed to be of the essence of the Tactical Gamer experience. Realistic game play and solid team work will be required to complete these missions. There will be consequences to the choices & actions you take that will appear in later missions so the immersion will be fantastic.

    We have already been running familiarization courses for the ACE/ACRE mods, Basic Infantry, Close Air Support and more are planned. Get on the Armed Assault forum & find the next training session....
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