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    • BMW Owners Group BMW Owners Group (0 viewing)
      Group for BMW Owners
      Topics: 2
      Comments: 23
      Members: 15
      Apophis BMW Owners Group
    • Windows Mobile Users Windows Mobile Users (0 viewing)
      For users of devices running Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform.
      Topics: 1
      Comments: 6
      Members: 2
      HAZMAT Windows Mobile Users
    • .NET Developers .NET Developers (0 viewing)
      For developers using Microsoft's .NET platform.
      Topics: 1
      Comments: 7
      Members: 6
      Moby .NET Developers
      by Moby
    • Users Users (0 viewing)
      For users of the Palringo instant messaging solution. Meet other users. Stay in touch with other community members when you're on the go. Group: tacticalgamer
      Topics: 1
      Comments: 1
      Members: 1
      Wyzcrak Users
    • Vista Users Vista Users (0 viewing)
      Learn more about Microsoft Vista. Share what you know.
      Topics: 1
      Comments: 37
      Members: 47
      Jack Bauer Vista Users
    • Firefox Users Firefox Users (0 viewing)
      For users of the Firefox browser: Share tweaks, tips, addons, etc.
      Topics: 5
      Comments: 49
      Members: 131
      DarkDancer Personal freedom and privacy
    • Military Members Military Members (0 viewing)
      This group is for current and former members of the Armed Services around the world.
      Topics: 2
      Comments: 39
      Members: 35
      ChiefBoatsRet Military Members
    • Virtualization Users Virtualization Users (0 viewing)
      For users of machine or application virtualization.
      Topics: 0
      Comments: 0
      Members: 4
    • Desktop Remoting Users Desktop Remoting Users (0 viewing)
      For users of Desktop Remoting solutions. This group does not focus on the use of virtual machines, but rather on using machines (virtual or not) remotely.
      Topics: 0
      Comments: 0
      Members: 5
    • Freeware Users (webapps, too!) Freeware Users (webapps, too!) (0 viewing)
      Not Shareware. Not Trialware. Nothing that expires without a sure-bet renewal option. Useful, quality software that is purely free of charge. Web applications are fair game!
      Topics: 1
      Comments: 5
      Members: 9
    • Parents Parents (0 viewing)
      Because, you know, you have so much spare time for social groups on the Internet.
      Topics: 2
      Comments: 44
      Members: 54
      Belander Parents
    • IS / IT Management IS / IT Management (0 viewing)
      IS / IT Management User Group. Systems Engineering, Systems & Networks Architecture, Security & Privacy, Strategic Management and Planning.
      Topics: 2
      Comments: 16
      Members: 19
      Jack Bauer Network Tools
    • Table Gamers Table Gamers (0 viewing)
      Boardgamers, Pen & Paper RPG'ers, Cardgamers, Miniature Generals. If you can play it on a table, this is the place to discuss and recommend it to others.
      Topics: 3
      Comments: 64
      Members: 49
      ThaDoctah D&D
    • Bike Owners Group Bike Owners Group (0 viewing)
      Show off and discuss the bike(s) you own and ride. Post picture(s) of your ride. (Not the pedal type)
      Topics: 3
      Comments: 42
      Members: 29
      Strait Raider Sooo....
    • Emergency Service Gamers Emergency Service Gamers (0 viewing)
      This is a group for current or ex-police, fire, or EMS workers, public servants.
      Topics: 1
      Comments: 18
      Members: 18
      oniell121 Emergency Service Gamers