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  • What games are you playing?

    Hey there strangers.

    I decided to head back to TG after seeing some familiar names on some Dayz YouTubes videos that I have been watching. I have just downloaded the Dayz mod and plan to play it lots so figured hooking up with TG again would be a good idea.

    What other games are you all playing? Are the 12th still regularly playing together? I havent got round to trying BF3 yet but I assume it is popular among TGers.


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    A bunch of the guys are dieing repeatedly in Dayz. A couple of us still play BF3 regularly, you could be one of them. Men of War and some co-op games too if you are interested Portal2 and such.
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      Hey! I saw a Shirk on the server last night and thought to myself "nah, it can't be him" :D

      What's your schedule like these days? There's a hand full of us on most nights on DayZ, though we don't get on until around 0130 GMT.


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        Hey Whiskey, you should have known that there is only one true 'Shirk' :)
        I have been on the TG Dayz server today for a while, was hanging out with Kizz (he gave me lots of advice and lead me on a couple of scavenge missions). I have only been playing Dayz for a couple of dayZ (get it?) but am loving it. will definitely try and hook up with you and the others. work means I can't really get on at 01.30GMT during the week but plan to play a load at the weekends, however I might be able to have the odd mid-week late night.
        Hope to catch up with you soon.




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