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  • Heater can't make up it's mind.

    2001 E36 (330XI)

    I'm having strange issues lately where my heat seems to come on full blast from the lower vents even though I have the thermostat set down to 59F. In the summer it happens even if I try and turn the AC on!

    It doesn't happen if I'm starting from a cold engine. And once the heat/AC is running it's fine. But if I stop somewhere and leave the car for 30 minutes or so, when I start it up again it's luck of the draw.

    When this situation occurs, I can crank the heat up as high as it will go as well as the fan, then drop it all the way back down to 59 and turn the AC on. It usually "corrects" itself at that point.

    The cooling system in the car is fine, brand new. I could bring it to the dealer and pay through for diagnostics but I don't want to. It might be a temp sensor in the cabin that's not working or an actuator in the console that changes the warm/cool air mixture.

    Any ideas?
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