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    Dang, I watched like almost all of the series. I've watched most of Voyager, Enterprise, The Next Generation, Star Trek, and Deep Space 9. I have watched all the movies, except the newest one.

    I've grown up watching it, but thankfully I have not turned out to be a fat Star Trek impersonator.

    Which song is this from? It might give a clue about which one I like.

    Its been a long road
    gettin there to here
    Its been a long time
    But my time is finally here.


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      I have a 3 foot long Enterprise-A that lights up. All windows, the engines, the interior of the shuttlebay, and even navigation lighta that blink. Built it myself wire by wire, LED by LED, and detailed it down to the panel patterns on the hull. :D

      I think this is the group I should be in. :)

      Larger Front Angle Shot
      Close up rear view


      You think we aren't going to recognize Enterprise? xD

      I think it was an under-rated series. I liked it even knowing some of the things they did should not have happened.


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        Yeah Beseige I think I might have an idea what those lyrics are from


        See if you can guess what these lyrics are from..

        Beyond the rim of the starlight
        my love is wand'ring in starflight

        ( too cranky to post the rest since the websites that have them posted have lots of popups and traps and virii and posion and and and and they wont let you select text so you can copy it )


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          HEY HEY I'm officially trekkie!! I watched Star Trek IV today! Twice!


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            That's the theme from the current Enterprise, called "Where my heart will take me".
            Without teamwork, you'll never survive.
            Without betrayal you'll never win.


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              well, I am not sure who is my favorite, but it certainly is not Number 1.

              Fruvous, that is not the name of the song...


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                Proud to have been part of the 101st Siege Corps of Engineers
                "Cum bellum clamavit, respondivi"

                Sproge The Crazy Swede


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                  Um well lets see my real name is Kirk, I'll give ya one guess.
                  "It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle."
                  "To show you what a difference retirement makes. Last year when I gave an order, 541,000 men and women jumped," he explained. "Now I can't even get the plumber to come over."
                  Norman Schwarzkopf


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                    mccoy is the man
                    "Lay down your soul to the gods rock and roll!" - Venom, 'Black Metal'




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