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  • Code4 Servers Updated to V24

    Re: Chernarus Wasteland
    Code4 servers have been updated to V24 today. Change log below:


    Version 24
    [NEW] Team switching restrictions are back, within 60 seconds after spawning you will be locked into your current team, this includes all three playable teams. Lock gets removed after server restart or if you weren't on the server for 30 minutes.
    [NEW] Saving between restarts has been rewritten from scratch, now any walls that were locked at least once will save between restarts, any alive radars will save as well, plus it should be generally less of load on the server
    [NEW] Independent can now activate and spawn on radar, they can't buy it though and have to steal off other teams
    [NEW] Radar completely rewritten, now costs more, saves between restarts, can be destroyed and repaired, can no longer be put into vehicle and has to be towed, going prone or being underwater makes you undetected by it and more
    [NEW] GPS now displays players and other mission icons just like main map
    [NEW] Selling from ground in gun store no longer sells dropped weapons off revivable dead players
    [NEW] Looting dead friendlies is not allowed while they're in revive state. Taking money is not allowed as well.
    [NEW] Gun store button to view what weapons are compatible with sold attachment
    [NEW] More gear variation for AI units
    [NEW] New A3 base building parts
    [NEW] Signal pistol from Karts DLC
    [NEW] Marksman DLC content
    [NEW] Damaged jet leak fuel
    [CHANGE] Doing two punished teamkills now puts you off server for good until restart without even an ability to play Independent
    [CHANGE] Talking to global channel simply switches you to direct now instead of kicking out of the game
    [CHANGE] Jet spawns and respawns with 1 hour delay
    [CHANGE] Object lock system changed – you’re no longer able to unlock enemy walls or other objects if there is an enemy nearby, if an object is unlocked anyone can take it at any time. Friendly players cannot unlock walls if the owner that locked the object is nearby (includes the owners group mates)
    [CHANGE] Vehicle ownership system changed once again, behaviour for friendlies remains the same - they can't enter driver or gunner seats or open inventory if vehicle is locked, new behaviour for enemy players - enemy players cannot enter owned vehicles until they lock pick it
    [CHANGE] Different store crate for Gun Store
    [FIX] Blackfoot's unguided rockets (DAR instead of DAGR) are controlled by pilot instead of gunner now
    [FIX] Gun store sell menu will no longer depend on script scheduler (script lag) and always display sell list right away
    [FIX] Gun store sellers no longer spawn with no skin and now have random glasses
    [FIX] Scaffolding gets placed into proper position when released
    [FIX] Goggles and facewear no longer disappears after you die
    [FIX] Fixed ammo for Zafir and Rahim after Marksman update
    [FIX] Flying ladders no longer work



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