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  • Some updated material for Code4 servers

    First is the update from V24 to V25


    Version 25 (current)
    [NEW] [Chernarus] All RHS firearms are now in the mission
    [NEW] 3GL and GP25 grenades now spawn in loot alongside their compatible weapons
    [NEW] You can sell primary, secondary and handgun directly without having to individually select them in the gun store.
    [NEW] [Chernarus] HLC AKs accept RHS AK magazines and attachments and vice versa
    [NEW] [Chernarus] RHS PK and RPG-7 accepts more attachments (favouring gameplay over realism) from both RHS and HLC
    [NEW] [Chernarus] STANAG and AUG 5.56 magazines are interchangeable between all weapons that accept STANAG and AUG rifles
    [NEW] [Chernarus] 5.56 silencers are interchangeable between A3, HLC and RHS rifles
    [NEW] [Chernarus] 7.62 and M14 silencers are interchangeable between A3, HLC and RHS (RHS M14 doesn't take any silencers at all)
    [NEW] [Chernarus] M14 magazines are compatible between A3, HLC and RHS M14-like rifles
    [NEW] New radar HUD icon
    [CHANGE] [Chernarus] Honeybadger spawns with silencer right away
    [FIX] Fixed bug that automatically unlocked your owned vehicle
    [FIX] Fixed bug in loot creation preventing some weapons with attached scopes from spawning
    [FIX] [Chernarus] DLC snipers are back into Chernarus gun stores
    [FIX] [Chernarus] Bullets impacting Chernarus ground surfaces now produce fountain of dirt instead of barely visible leafs
    [FIX] [Chernarus] Fire does no damage at all now in all cases
    [FIX] [Chernarus] UAZ, GAZ-233011, GAZ-66 and Ural no longer stick when going uphill, should be drivable now
    [FIX] [Chernarus] Hatchbacks no longer get stuck in woods (Chernarus fix only!)
    [FIX] [Chernarus] Rahim and Zafir appear with the proper magazines in the gun store
    [FIX] AI should no longer spawn with wrong MG ammunition
    [FIX] Bipod no longer folds back by itself
    [FIX] Fixed bug preventing UAVs appearing in the gun store

    Next is the WS Launcher has been updated plus addtional downloads for WS Maps, WS Weapons, WS RHS, WS Patch, and the new map ESSEKER.

    Just Google the WS laucher to get it or open yours for the updated version to install.

    I use this as a launch parameter: [email protected];@WSRHS;@WSWeapons;@WSPatch;@Esseker

    Once you open the multiplayer I have changed the Filter to read and scan for: Esseker Wasteland . This will show all the servers using this new map.



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