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  • New Arma3 Wasteland from StalkandStrike

    StalkandStrike is now developing an Arma3 Wasteland server with different content and Mods . To get on the server you have to either go to their website to get the torrent download or use PlayWithSix. Below I will place a Setup Guide for their Server using PlayWithSix. It is a 5+ gig download with 17 mods. 13 of the mods are mandatory and 4 are client optional to use.

    Setup Guide for PlayWithSix:

    The first thing you want to do after downloading PlayWithSix is to go to the upper right corner and go

    into "Tools". There you will open "Check for Updates" and update to thelatest version= 1.15.613.1.

    Now you are able to use the YML for the server.

    In games area, upper left corner of PWS, select Arma3. It will also see other Bohemia games.

    Then below that look for the Mods tab and click on button on the right side of that tab.

    That will open the mods section. On the bottom, midpage, you will see "Repositories". Just click on the "add repo" and it will open a place to add this URL:


    Then click "add url".

    Now it will gather all the mods for the server. Click the "Install tab" lower left and it should take at least an hour depending on you connection.

    This will by default put all the mods into your Documents folder.

    This is more info for you to fine tune launching Arma3 and a desktop icon just for this server.

    1. Open PlaywithSix

    2. Go to upper right corner and click on Tools

    3. In that box click on settings

    4. In Behavior section put a check "Close after game launch", " Suspend sync while game running

    5. That's it for this area, if you want the rest that are default checked it's your choice.

    6. Now at the bottom of this box click on " Game settings".

    7. Put a check in "Load server mods".

    8. Next put a check in " Force'Run as Administrator'".

    9. To the right of startup Parameters click on "Editor

    10. In here to the right of name you can click on little tab to enter profile name you want to use.

    11. Then put a check in " NoSplash and Skipintro".

    12 The next few are your choice depending on your system but not required. I only have a check in "NoFilePatching".

    13. You can also put a check in "NoPause" a little further down and that should do for now. Click on "Back to game settings"

    Desktop Icon for Arma3 server.

    1. After downloading PlayWithSix and putting the YML in the respositoy and then all the mods are loaded you can place an Icon on your desktop that will start up PWS to get your game set up with all the mods needed to play on the server.

    2. On the left side of PWS look for the" Mods" box just under the "Games" box. Then click the right tab in that box.

    3. Look for "A3 Wastland" just under "Collections" to the right Click and then right click on that name and choose "Create Destop Shortcut top through PWS; update and launch or join your choice it makes no difference.

    4.Now once you place this on your desktop you can right click on icon and rename it to S&S as I did or keep it as it is. This icon is now your own entrance to the S&S Arma3 open beta Wastland Server.

    5. When you double click on icon, PWS will open- then set up the mods for the server- then a small box will open in the middle of the page asking you if you want to continue. Say yes and it will start the game up and close PWS.

    P.S. Please use the following steps if you are not connecting to server.

    First you have to open PlayWithSix.

    Click on Mods tab and click and then right click on S&S Gaming under Repositories and remove.

    Now reinsert the URL:


    Now redo the desktop icon by clicking and then right click on the A3 Wasteland in collections

    Delete old icon and now you should beable to enter the server.

    As long as this is in Beta you might have to do this each time new changes or update to Mods in Mod

    set are done by developers of this Beta and the Mod developers.

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    Just gotta say, can't wait till the population grows on these...


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      This coming Saturday at 8:00pm EST they will be conducting a stress test for this Mod and will need bodies to participate. So the invite is out to this group if you are interested.


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        Tonight not only will they be testing the modded server with the Chernaros map, they will be opening a non modded version of Wastlend Prime on the Altis map. Nothing is needed to be taken out in your Expansion folder or added for this event. In the Filter area in Host just put " Wasteland Prime". without the "'s.


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          For tonight allow yourself at least 20 minutes for PlaywithSix to update the mods for signature verifying.


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            Found out at last moment they were going to test the Mod free Altis server and that you will not need PlayWithSix anymore as they will be supporting Arma3 Sync instead. It is not all that hard to figure out. It is just like the Arma 2 Launcher. Also they realized that they will need to increase the bounty on players and AI. After dying and before respawning is the time to purchase your gear. Have fun.

            The other server running all the other mods is still up and running but that is on the Chernaros Map.


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              They are supporting PlayWithSix and Arma3 Sync for downloadabe content for all their Wasteland servers. You can get info here


              The server using the Altis map has no mods required only the Chernarus map server. Optional choices to use Shaktac Hud on the Vanilla server is a plus when grouping up.


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                StalkandStrike just launched another Wasteland Server. This is running the Stratis map. At the top of the forum page are the servers listed, have fun.





                TeamSpeak 3 Server


                Twitter Feed