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    Got a new project started and should have some WIP pics up by this weekend.

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    man, I love some good hard wood, the harder the better

    and I am not even trying to make a joke. We need to see some group pictures of finished stuff posted once more members join.


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    Stoop and you'll be stepped on; stand tall and you'll be shot at.

    -Carlos A. Urbizo-


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      been working on a 1/4 sawn white oak, 5-drawer dresser for a few years now... need to plane the drawer fronts, but have been putting it off forever... it's so damn noisy, i basically can only do it when the kid's (2 and 4yrs) aren't home but I am.... which is pretty much never XD


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        Hi guys, finally got my shop setup a few years ago. Almost have eveything thing I need (NOT). I'll post some pics later tonight of some of the few things I have made so far.


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          hi guys...Beaker told me about this group :) ...just thought i would check it out. i have been a carpenter (building construction) for nearly 20 years, but i never did much wood working untill this summer, when i decided to build a kayak. i think it turned out really good (if i do say so my self :) ), and i will be starting one for my wife as soon as i can have the garage back after the winter. i might try to build a little 8 foot wave surfing 'yak this winter in the basement, if i can get it out up the stairs.

          here is a couple pics of the finished boat:

          i have a bunch from during the construction as well.


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            Excellent work Redd, that looks fantastic.
            Are you sure you have never done this before :)


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              thanx beaker ;) i havent done anything but construcion, with a touch of trim work, since highschool. :)

              step by step photos here just go back to the earliest posts.


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                WoW!!11! Beaker those look great! You are so far passed my level of expertise.

                And Redd that is a gorgeous looking boat! Well done to both of you!


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                  hey folks...its been a while. i just finished another project. a kayak for my wife. its a similar shape to mine, but i did some cool inlays for her.

                  and the 2 side by side:




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