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    |A plugin/Feature request|

    I posted in the NS forums...

    In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory when a player dies, hes not quite dead, he lies on the floor waiting for a medic to come by and bring him from tha dead...

    I propose something similar, for up-graded marnies, like the HA and Jp to have a feature much like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, in witch you can bring them back...

    Much like the Catpack, its an up-gradeable feature, it will cost 15-25 res to upgrade, and can be droped like catpack...
    A marine walks by and picks the object(Object coming soon) up and bring him back...

    The Marine will be given 50% of his/her life back (25 armor for Jp, 50 armor for HA)
    The weapon that was held at time of unconscious will be on the ground, the others will remain...

    Comms that spend the res on HA and drop it on someone who disobeys their orders will not lose their res anymore, and rambo Jps will still have a chance...

    The marine unconscious wil have about 70-90 Hp and 10-20 armor till time of regeneration...

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    Re: |A plugin/Feature request|

    i dont think this would go along with the ns gameplay, but an interesting idea.

    one problem is that heavies would be like invincable, and there is almost no point in doing it to a marine that doesnt have any tech. he will spawn for free


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