I thought of a few ways to make natural-selection better, but for the longest time i thought that somoene has probably already thought of them, and was too lazy to go check....

Today i checked, and found out that my ideas were indeed (miraculously) original, so i posted them up on the "suggestions and ideas" forum of natural-selection.org...

I posted 3 ideas, 1 got moved to the "Ideas for the next version" part of the forum, meaning it will be implemented for beta6!!! The other idea got moved to "Ideas for future versions" thread, meaning it will be implemented, but not soon.

As long as the idea is original, simply, yet practicle, they will seriously consider it.

Link to NS forums: http://www.natural-selection.org/forums/

My two ideas:

Idea for future versions: http://www.natural-selection.org/for...&#entry1323198

Idea for next version:

YOU can help improve NS too!