I see that many people have their player names in the STEAMID field of their forum profiles. If you choose to populate that optional field, please do so using your actual SteamID, not your player name. Your player name does not uniquely identify you on a server, but your SteamID does.

For example, mine shows:


(not Wyzcrak)

Your STEAMID is unique to you and your Steam account (the one you log into Steam with using your email address). To find out what your SteamID is, join any multiplayer Half-Life (or CS, or NS, or ZP, etc) server or HL2 server and type 'status' into your console. Find your name and look for the ID which looks similar in appearance to the above. It will always begin with "STEAM" and always end with a number. You need everything, including the "STEAM".

Presently, the value of this field in your forum profile changes nothing. However, it's possible that I'll integrate this field's value into the servers' slot reservation systems in the future. If that ever happens, I would prefer the values be accurate.