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    Battlefield Vietnam returns to Tactical Gamer

    As posted in the Battlefield Vietnam forum. We are going to be bringing back Battlefield Vietnam to Tactical Gamer under a new rotation method. The server will be automatically set to run BF Vietnam on specified days and reset back to BF1942 on the other days. The proposed schedule and server IP addresses are listed below:

    Planned schedule for Battlefield 1942 / Battlefield Vietnam Server Rotation:

    Monday - BF1942 : Desert Combat
    Tuesday - BF1942 : Desert Combat

    Wednesday - Battlefield Vietnam

    Thursday - BF1942 : Desert Combat
    Friday - BF1942 : Desert Combat

    Saturday - Battlefield Vietnam
    Sunday - Battlefield Vietnam

    This current rotation is open for discussion. We can also discuss swaping out Desert Combat days with other BF1942 mods if we have enough interest!

    Battlefield 1942 Server IP:
    Battlefield Vietnam Server IP:
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