SOP (Game Play) - Dead Men Talking

The Ghost Recon game software does a fairly good job of simulating the activities of a real life special forces team, including experiencing a "virtual" death when things really go bad. When players "die" in the game, the software effectively removes them from being able to "chat" via their keyboards to anyone else still alive, including other team members. It isolates their text chats to being readable only by other players who have also died, or those players that may be waiting in the game's ready room for the next cycle to start. This programmed software feature simulates the realism of an actual death of a team member and prevents them from warning team mates about enemy threats and locations after their death, which would obviously be both highly unrealistic, as well as unfair.

Unfortunately, in our virtual world we donít use actual military radios, but with TeamSpeak and other Internet voice technologies, the similarities to real world radio practices are quite a good fit. By using this software, it's very easy to circumvent the "dead men can't talk" disabling feature of the "text chat" on the keyboard, by simply carrying on a voice conversation after your virtual death.

In the spirit of maintaining realism and fair game play, it would be appreciated if players would refrain from communicating significant information about enemy locations, movements and tactics after they have become a virtual casualty. If players who have died wish to continue chatting via voice using TeamSpeak, it is recommended that they switch to a different TeamSpeak channel, providing it's not being used by an active unit in the game. If it is being employed in the game as an active TeamSpeak channel, then it would be appreciated if the players in virtual death mode remain silent until the mission is complete.

As a courtesy, we would encourage all players on any public server to follow this practice of "silence" during virtual death mode as much as possible.