Did you know you can set aliases for any console command? Did you know the game already has most commands aliased?

Here are some of the more interesting ones...

alias lp game.listplayers
alias lm game.listmaps

alias forgive game.TKForgive
alias ftk game.TKForgive
alias punish game.TKPunish
alias ptk game.TKPunish

alias suicide game.suicide

alias fps console.showfps

alias vm game.voteMap

alias buddylist game.buddylist
alias ab game.addPlayerToBuddyList
alias rb game.removeplayerfrombuddylist

rem - Admin commands
alias nm admin.runnextlevel
alias rm admin.restartmap
alias map admin.changemap

If you aren't familiar with the buddy list i suggest you try it out. Very nifty.

You can find the alias file in your config directory.