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    TG RvS TvT public server kicks off.

    Just another normal day at TG. Brooklyn, Riyker and myself joined the RvS tvt channel and went off in search of a Team Survival server out there on the net. We joined Radclan.com's server but after some suspected cheating by other players (not Radclan members though as they weren't present at this time) we left and went to their alternative server which was hosted as pistols only.

    Now pistols is my game. In Rogue Spear I always faired better with pistols and the same seems true for Raven Shield. However the servers where empty. Dudeman joined us at some point and with one other pubby we played some matches on their servers. Two of these maps were RS and R6 classics. The Chalet from RS and Amazon from R6. Damn good maps and great fun for pistols. Then Big-B turned up so we decided to all go over to the TG server. We lost our pubby but gained more TG players. Again we played pistols only which then turned into sniper rifles to shotguns.

    Then came along Wendy, Fanatik’s daughter who actually kicked arse pretty well. She had to put up with Dudman’s attempt at a chat up to which she showed Dude just what a shotgun can do close up (lol).

    In amongst us all we gained a load of pubby players so we had a full server for a change. It was really great to see so many people on TG’s server and other than the odd nobby pubby, everything seemed to go well. If we carry on the TG tradition, we may filter out those pubby’s we don’t want and build up a pubby following of tactical gamers who prefer something a little different.



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    Re: TG RvS TvT public server kicks off.

    Those were some damn fun games last night! I'm looking foward to (hopefully) more of the same tonight.


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