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    RvS Public Server

    The Raven Shield Server has been redone from the ground up. It is currently running all original missions with no map packs. We will be leaving it like that for a day or so to check for stability, at that time we will reload the map packs on the server. Check these forums for updates on server changes. If you have any problems with the server please post it here so I can see it and work to correct the problems and make the server run more efficiently.
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    Re: RvS Public Server

    I am sure we can...Talk to Sarc... right now I just want to watch for server stability...

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    Re: RvS Public Server

    I did mix up the game types for the maps a while ago before the reinstall. Just a few changes here and there like switching things to T-Hunt. We still haven't set up autodownload so there won't be any new maps for a while.
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    Re: RvS Public Server

    I have played on the Pub server for quite some time and had a full server a few times today... I had excelent performance as well as I recieved no complaints from other players.

    Lag should not be only be blamed on the server... there are other factors involved.. It could be one of a number of things on why someone experiences lag, anywhere on the internet where you connect thew could be having a slow down..

    If you continue to experience problems please let me know and we will investigate further.


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