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    Something Different

    If anyone fancies an hours flight over the scenery of lock on then let me know. I have a mission that takes us over the hill and vales and past all the tourist sights and sounds. Mission made by Shepski and called "Tour the Caucasas".

    It will probably need a tweak to add more players for MP so I hope it hasn't been locked or this'll end up going nowhere.

    Anyway let me know if you're interested in a non-combat flight scheduled for this weekend sometime.

    Oh and by the way, I have almost finished another mission designed for 6 A10's and 4 F15's (though we can play with less).

    I also have another mission in mind that I'll begin working on. Hopefully this next one will be something special. I'm calling it "Spear Head" and will hopefully have both ready for the weekend.
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