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    SOP's for Lomac and IL2

    This thread will appear in the IL2 forums as well.

    In keeping with the spirit here at TG I'm wondering if we should add some SOP's to the game. I'd like your input as to yay or nay and if yay what you would like to see. I don't see these as becomming too complicated like say, GR, but it might be good to have a few ground rules so we can feel more like a squadron perhaps.

    give me some feed back on what you think. To start I was thinking of very basic SOP's in no particular order;

    1) Dead Players - Once your dead you remain dead for co-op missions and dead men don't talk.

    2) A Sqaudron Commander should be picked (or whatever the correct terminology is for that rank from that period) to direct the battle and make a rudimentary plan for the rest of the squadron.

    3) Attempt to use the slang from the era to give the whole thing a little more flavour (I'll try and find some Brevirty codes used for that period)

    4) ...

    SOP's don't have to be a part of this at all btw - it's just an idea to see what you guys think and want. Give it some thought and let me know.


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    Re: SOP's for Lomac and IL2

    1) Agree

    2) Definitly a good Idea.

    3) Now this sounds interesting and could be alot of fun!

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    Re: SOP's for Lomac and IL2

    Great idea Jex, I've been thinking about that too. I left it on the back-burner because we're all still relatively new to flying (at least I am), so there is still quite a bit of trial and error going on. It may be time now to slowly shift toward more organized gaming (TG-style), and your ideas are perfect. However, even if the SOP is "never leave your wingman", I find that about 30 seconds into a furball I'm trying to keep from 1) stalling or crashing, and 2) trying not to get my own a$$ shot off.

    Anyway, my point is that we could just start some loose rules/SOP's, and then maybe get into a more detailed and dynamic style of flying missions, as we all get better.

    I briefly spoke with Blind about us making some simple "training missions" for IL-2 (I made a few that allow ground target practice without worrying about enemy fighters, etc.) for players to get used to dogfighting/ground attack/bomber intercept, or whatever the needs may be. We could also use these to start formation flying, planning mission strategies etc.--the nice thing about being able to make our own missions is that we can make them more complicated incrementally, and it gives us the flexibility of creating objectives/training that meet OUR needs. Just a thought/idea along the lines of where you want to go Jex.

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