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Thread: Swat Mod

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    The S.W.A.T mod for Call Of Duty has sent me a recent update i have seen huge leaps in progress in a short period of time. The mod continues to look better every day , with new ideas and improvements, the weapon skins have incredible detail, so much that a couple of them look like they have been glued to your monitors. The maps have great detail and have been created and work to provide the best possible positions for all gamers , weather you be a sniper or a kind of person who rushes in there guns a BLAZING. The Swat mod is a slightly different from its original "Call of Duty" the guns are a lot more modern, and the maps are as well. I have just received today S.W.A.T's sample of the Steyr Aug and a reworked SPAS skin, there will be a link below to check it more pictures and info.

    "IN GAME"
    "in game"

    S.W.A.T has one problem though we are still looking for experienced hard working people who can model, script, or map. If you fit under any of the categories above please Email: [email protected]

    I would also like to take the time to thank swat for making a awesome mod for us! Also welcome 3 new mappers bat fetcher, PVT.Paul, and ART.

    Also check out the swat forum at http://nova.deadlyfear.com/forums/in...p?showforum=48

    CHECK OUT THE THE TEMP WEBSITE AT http://swat.codfiles.com/

    I am also looking for some cheap hosting if available please contact me at the below email address, because i want everythign assembled as soon as possible to get this TK moving!!!

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    Re: Swat Mod

    I have no XP in game moding, but I can provide good feedback on the game.

    I would be willing to be a beta or alpha tester.


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