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    Thumbs up Lakers VS. Timberwolves

    Lakers: Got beat twice by the Spurs by 10 points. Ok, maybe they got started on the wrong foot but look at them now. The Only word for Sundays Spurs vs. Lakers game is BLOWOUT! The game before that was close. ONE POINT! One little point after the Spurs put in thier 12 point come-back. Man, Lakers earned it with that luck shot last few seconds and its good!

    Timberwolves: I'm not sure about them, but I know they will be one of the final two for some reason. I really dont like the Kings anyways.

    These are the statistics:

    Kobe is going to get doubled by Cassell and Sprewell
    Garneet vs. Malon
    Shaq doubled by Ervin Johnson and Vlawa Kandi
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