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    Hitbox Bug Question

    I've never even heard of this before I started playing at TG. Blame it on my non-competitive angle of NS. The whole issue confuses me exactly why it happens. After reading more and more about it on this thread, I have begun adjusting my aim with the LMG and shotgun and have increased my kill ratio.

    Is this problem only for the aliens? Is it related to the speed the PC is moving? I used to nail jetpackers out of the sky as a 1.4 lerk with ease using my spikes. No matter how fast they were moving, I could take them down fairly quick.

    I'm just confused on why this is a problem. Is it a fault in the HL code? I've nailed targets in Jedi-outcast/Academy moving with level 3 Force Speed (that's fast) with a sniper rifle by leading ahead of them with the disruptor rifle. Anyone whose played Unreal Tournament know that no matter how fast someone is dodging or grav boot jumping, if you have the crosshair on them when you pull the trigger with the shock rifle: they get hit. I've never noticed a huge discrepency in ping on the TG server, so I would assume it's not due to differences in ping.

    So, if no one minds, inform me. If there's a link that details the problem: hey great. I thank you in advance.

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    Re: Hitbox Bug Question

    Reason this happens with NS: The Half-Life engine (Actually a Q1 engine modified, using a Q2 renderer) has been around since 1997 in some shape or form; it's too damned old to be doing what we ask of it. The hitboxes and the model are NOT the same thing: they are separate. The hitboxes should move along with the model, however in some instances they do not. Steam HL has an issue in which the hitboxes lag behind the model. This is always present to some extent, and increases by two factors: The lag of the players involved and the speed of the player's movement. A 200 ping celerity skulk leaping around the room is very difficult to kill because 1) the player is lagging, causing the hitboxes to not quite appear where they should and 2) the speed of the player causes the model to lead the hitbox ever so slightly. There's a bug on the NS.org Beta Bug forum right now started by a CAL Veteran about a Player Specific Hitbox bug. On occasion a player has exceptionally bugged hitboxes, and is near unkillable. One round on TG is the first set of demos published, and they have several of us (wmd guys) playing with iriot players (the CAL Vet in question is in iRiot). This one obviously newer player was destroying the marine team by himself, absorbing far too many bullets. Watching this demo (hosted by Wyz actually) shows there is a bug, beyond doubt. It's being worked on right now by the devs. It's not that obvious all the time, but when you shoot a skulk in the face a couple times with a shotty (the easiest weapon to see it with) and it still has 50 hp, you'll see it first hand. Expect this fixed somewhat soon, since it was FINALLY, FINALLY ackowledged by the Devs (The original 2.1 closed testers first brought this up late last year).

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    Re: Hitbox Bug Question

    I believe they narrowed it down to a steam bug(which they have a fix for, yet to be released), The NS dev team are working on the bullet bug, where some bullets hurt alot.

    This hitbox bug occurs in all mods, the reason for NS being effected so much by it is because of the speed of the aliens. I dont think there is any other HL game that has objects moving so fast.


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