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Thread: Perimeter?

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    Lightbulb Perimeter?

    Codemasters new RTS out called Perimeter.


    The Screens reminded me of seeing that starcraft thread...

    And there's a multiplayer demo ready for download...

    Anyone seen/tried this yet?

    For the first time in RTS history the player by strategically manipulating the environment can extract energy, expand their base, increase their territory and limit their opponents options. The condition of the landscape can be changed completely by a number of influences including special units, explosions and natural geological processes.

    A impenetrable force shield can be raised once the necessary buildings have been constructed, and will stay active as long as the players energy reserves last. The force shield protects the player from virtually all attack, and allows for a number of defensive and offensive strategies to be executed.

    Units can be transformed into different units on the battlefield, giving the player powerful tactical opportunities to adapt combat units to a particular situation. Not all unitís will be effective in all situations and base unitís must be built tactically, either to focus on a sole function or to be adaptable

    Grab the mp demo Here

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    Re: Perimeter?

    Ya, i played the demo. To me it doesnt live up to the hipe. It isnt all that ground breaking besides the intence amount of fps it eats and the morphing unites.

    Alot of action but it was very hard to see your troops in the unmorphed stage.


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