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    Tactical Gamer Commercial Team

    Ok we had several people express interest in a Tactical Gamer "movie" or "commercial".
    I have spoke to Apophis and Total about this idea and they agree it would be a great thing for TG. Apophis is going to create us a private forum so we can start the discussions on what and how we want to do this.

    If anyone wants to be part of this group please let me know by e-mail or Forum PM's.

    Please list any technical skills you possess to help in the project, and just because you do not have any technical skills does not mean I will not add you to the forum. I will add practically anyone that wants to help, but would like to compile a list of people that have special abilities so we know what we have.

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    Exclamation Re: Tactical Gamer Commercial Team

    To be added to this forum area..

    Log in the forums.
    Click on User CP
    Click Group Memberships on left.
    Then Select Tactical Gamer Video Production Team.
    Request to be added.

    If you have any problems let me know.


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