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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    apophis is considered the source of all evil
    apophis is now a major threat to earth
    apophis is trying to overthrow the system lords and gain control of all of their combined assets
    apophis is in control of the largest army of jaffa
    apophis is primed to fire a mysterious ships approaches and begins firing on apophis? ship giving sg
    apophis is a false god ?
    apophis is dead but they don't believe them and

    wintermute is an apple powermac g4/450 with 768mb of pc
    wintermute is also an entity to be pitied
    wintermute is several times associated with a mystical force beyond the knowledge of man
    wintermute is behind you

    Play EVE online. It's like being an accounting addict in space.


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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    Quote Originally Posted by DeRanger
    It's pretty weak. I could Google Tactical Gamer and get hundreds or thousands of hits, but that Googlism page couldn't find anything. Same thing with my full name.

    Not that I could do any better, but that's a horrible Google app...


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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    luna is on the bus
    luna is a tool in teacher education
    luna is 26
    luna is a firm believer that nice guys finish first
    luna is dead
    luna is injured- photos by rachel pfotenhauer on thanksgiving day
    luna is the indulgently delicious
    luna is released in august 2000 in a different version
    luna is a good corporate citizen
    luna is also a crime site and as you can imagine we don't want to inadvertently destroy any evidence about the perpetrators of this hate
    luna is sick; reply
    luna is 7 inches
    luna is fine if you share and send us a copy
    luna is our first permanent grand champion and our pride and joy
    luna is the feminine personification of the moon
    luna is not only an exciting performer who communicates the entire spectrum of emotional color inherent to the art of flamenco dancing...
    luna is a little bit motherly
    luna is extremely vulnerable to a windstorm
    luna is willing and able
    luna is remembered
    luna is suspicious
    luna is 92% effective for determining the time of ovulation
    luna is hoping american audiences will still go along for the ride
    luna is always packed and there is good reason
    luna is a small girl
    luna is bustling
    luna is providing a teaching tool that makes creating classroom presentations simple and dynamic without sacrificing integrity
    luna is a revolutionary network of 25 single high speed databases
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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    Holy smokes, eternal kicks ass!

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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    Googlism for: cobra

    cobra is resistant to its own venom?
    cobra is the consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act of
    cobra is ready to strike in 2002
    cobra is one of the most know species in the cobra
    cobra is amongst the world's most
    cobra is a freakin' classic
    cobra is a piece of ****
    cobra is not the insurance
    cobra is the consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act of 1985
    cobra is back
    cobra is the common name for members of the family of poisonous snakes
    cobra is a large poisonous snake
    cobra is one of the most know species in the cobra family
    cobra is 150 220 cm
    cobra is powered by a turbo diesel v8 engine which provides 190hp
    cobra is a common name for the family of poisonous snakes
    cobra is sleek
    cobra is the largest venomous snake
    cobra is not retroactive to the date you lost your employer
    cobra is a must read
    cobra is an object persistence layer written in the java programming language
    cobra is sturdy
    cobra is the common name for members of the family of venomous snakes
    cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world
    cobra is the dutch national centre for research and education on these enabling technologies
    cobra is a rugged industrial pc which is perfect for stand
    cobra is a compact industrial pc about the size of a shoebox
    cobra is a mustang with manners
    cobra is a mustang on steroids
    cobra is
    cobra is an exercise in futility
    cobra is a real treat in which to conduct tail
    cobra is the newest addition to the aerotrike family
    cobra is a netpreneur; cobra is a business owner; cobra does not have devil horns; cobra looks like everyone else; cobra is "old skewl"; cobra is elite; cobra is a
    cobra is born
    cobra is a "striking" alternative to ordinary wall lighting new product cobra
    cobra is a magical juggling act
    cobra is popularly applied to african and asian snakes that are capable of spreading long ribs in their necks into a
    cobra is the answer
    cobra is a variant of daniel bandera's were
    cobra is ugly
    cobra is a council of business members dedicated to protecting the consumer against fraud and scam activities
    cobra is the most flexible cost management system on the market cobra achieves this flexibility in three ways
    cobra is butter
    cobra is way to continue health care coverage associated press new york
    cobra is right there with 305
    cobra is a system used to record and analyse data from a process plant
    cobra is hired by the wife of a man who seems to have died in a car accident under mysterious circumstances
    cobra is extremely dangerous and responsible for many human deaths
    cobra is among the most poisonous snakes in the world
    cobra is very similar to the viper but with plastic hubs and a synthetic bearing
    cobra is a long
    cobra is actually not that unoriginal
    cobra is an efficient tool for piercing and cutting in all types of material
    cobra is a 4
    cobra is defeated by buffy
    cobra is the largest of a species native to asia and india
    cobra is yellow
    cobra is a true sports car with a firm
    cobra is a modified macpherson strut design with 500 lb
    cobra is now available directly from the developer releases
    cobra is an acronym for combined muon reconstruction for atlas and it is part of the atlas offline reconstruction software
    cobra is designed to provide maximum ingredient densification and precise weighing
    cobra is more subdued than in the past
    cobra is us$7
    cobra is available under california law and applies to employers who have
    cobra is geared towards discipline
    cobra is an acronym
    cobra is repaired before the race the next day
    cobra is back with an all new album aimed directly at hip
    cobra is a complex
    cobra is found and malaysia
    cobra is not a true cobra
    cobra is the
    cobra is a reptile
    cobra is a federal law that allows you to continue your health care coverage after you leave your job
    cobra is surprisingly devoid of the sexual innuendo and exploitation that anime fans have come to associate with decorative female characters
    cobra is a demonstration of an airplane's pitch control authority
    cobra is extremely easy to use
    cobra is the largest toxic snake ever
    cobra is because even though it is the same insurance company
    cobra is focusing on south america
    cobra is the new benchmark
    cobra is responsible for several hundred deaths annually
    cobra is based largely on its success on the racetrack in the 60s
    cobra is an all around finesse driver that is easy to grip
    cobra is priced at $34
    cobra is the ideal test set for installing
    cobra is one of biggest venomous snakes in the world
    cobra is thus able to surround and attack joe headquarters with their new battle android troopers
    cobra is equipped with a race legal safety fuel cell as standard equipment
    cobra is closely coupled to cadence*s nc
    cobra is a knowledge based pc system designed to make all these tasks much easier
    cobra is famous for being the asp that queen cleopatra used to commit suicide


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    Re: Get your own Googlism!


    Quote Originally Posted by googlism
    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about frijole yet

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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    Quote Originally Posted by fr1j0l3

    LMAO.. too bad fr1.. they will catch on to the greatness that is beans....

    I got your back bro...

    Googlism for: beans

    beans is the place for me
    beans is 7
    beans is technology of
    beans is no laughing matter
    beans is essential to maintain peak
    beans is weak
    beans is to map related tasks in a use case to a bean
    beans is technology of choice for goinvest
    beans is essential to maintain peak flavour
    beans is a crime equal to eating the head of one's parents
    beans is win
    beans is high risk
    beans is it to late?
    beans is located in new york city
    beans is a light
    beans is the most important new development in java this year
    beans is similar in many ways to writing custom gui components
    beans is a company dedicated to finding the best coffee roasters in the nation and delivering their coffee fresh to your door through our clubs
    beans is good
    beans is your number of beans
    beans is a charting component
    beans is now discarded
    beans is not associated with
    beans is we are just too blessed to be stressed
    beans is the only hot sauce that disability resources manufactures
    beans is a result of 1 day of work
    beans is a collection of frugal recipes and tips from the cooking expertise of three generations of tawra kellam's family
    beans is our swedish angel
    beans is more than just a debate over two component software technologies
    beans is only appealing when prepared and seasoned correctly
    beans is twice the number of red beans
    beans is a software framework that allows a developer to mobilize a java application
    beans is more common
    beans is a free game created by mark tully of tnt software using tnt basic
    beans is now running as fast as your computer can go
    beans is his first children's book
    beans is
    beans is a derivative and unoriginal band in that genre
    beans is drawn out and dissolves in the ethyl acetate
    beans is best understood as a commonsense
    beans is installed
    beans is to create a bridge between java and activex
    beans is simple to prepare as a dinner or lunch entree
    beans is 7
    beans is higher than for mature beans
    beans is made by milton bradley
    beans is a huge
    beans is the first step in brewing the perfect cup of coffee
    beans is shown in table 1
    beans is of two types
    beans is awesome
    beans is to hold them in our hand and shake them close to our ear
    beans is primarily associated with their seed coat
    beans is an excellent way to reduce chances of suffering various types of cancer
    beans is a package of customizable and flexible java tools for creating chemistry resources on a network
    beans is a collection of classes
    beans is supporting the development process for the different types of java applications
    beans is used in a variety of baked goods
    beans is a set of component apis * allowing pluggable software components * in an open
    beans is high
    beans is the name for a component model promoted by sun
    beans is very low
    beans is written in java
    beans is located on the cornerhouse?s ground floor on burton street
    beans is several cloves
    beans is complete when combined with cereal
    beans is undoubtedly the boston baked bean
    beans is dry roast them
    beans is also developing an internet entertainment channel
    beans is truly great
    beans is reunited with soviet defector and double agent svetlana
    beans is still recommended
    beans is then described and delegates learn how to create stateless session beans
    beans is already here
    beans is a layer of pulp that starts to heat up and ferment
    beans is nothing short of proustian
    beans is the presence of oil sheen on most of the beans
    beans is pleased to offer the
    beans is a ticklish issue
    beans is a shovel
    beans is very important
    beans is in their server
    beans is approx
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    Smile Re: Get your own Googlism!

    It is very ammusing.
    legion is alive
    legion is out for pc
    legion is solid choice for area
    legion is sponsoring an oratorical
    legion is back to front
    legion is hoping to find its way to finals of its
    legion is downright bad
    legion is gold
    legion is reviving its blue star service banner
    legion is better than everybody else
    legion is alive no
    legion is alive veterans legion
    legion is comprised of 55 state
    legion is founded in paris at the first caucus by members of the american expeditionary force
    legion is object
    legion is growing
    legion is solid choice for area ballplayers dick puhr the examiner
    legion is comprised of school age kids from kindergarten through university ages
    legion is always ready to support any other eoa legion if support is needed
    legion is an organization of veterans just like you
    legion is hoping to find its way to finals of its fourth of july tourney


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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    Quote Originally Posted by fr1j0l3

    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about frijole yet

    Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about hsantal yet.

    That's because we are just too unique.
    I do what I can.

    cpgf: (n.) Acronym describing a significant other who has not yet acheived full spousal status and is in possession of a cable modem; of note because at YOUR house, you still have dial-up -- and crappy dialup at that.

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    Talking Re: Get your own Googlism!

    LOL, they didn't know LegionPaulL either. Hu, they have so much to learn...

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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    vapor is more than a gas
    vapor is a key element of the climate system

    That's it!!


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    Re: Get your own Googlism!


    (read one the last ones gmcustoms :P)

    sniper is now largest of its kind
    sniper is the winner on
    sniper is a foreign
    sniper is caught
    sniper is male
    sniper is news
    sniper is always somewhere up there
    sniper is on
    sniper is now largest of its kind for army
    sniper is the winner on all fronts except one
    sniper is obviously highly trained with weapons and skilled at avoiding detection
    sniper is an ebay sniper that automates the process of placing your bid in the closing seconds of any ebay auction
    sniper is a competitive edge in winning auctions
    sniper is a registered trademark
    sniper is a master marksman
    sniper is an equal
    sniper is likely a self
    sniper is aimed to eliminate risk factors from networks and ensure reliable network systems operation by detecting and notifying network intrusions including
    sniper is not effective in an offensive role
    sniper is an american citizen?
    sniper is a narcissist sun
    sniper is a terrorist is not being ruled out
    sniper is unique
    sniper is a specialist
    sniper is a variant of the gm ground
    sniper is developed in conjunction with the regular rgm
    sniper is confident of his shooting ability and would never pull in closer just so he felt more confidant about hitting a smaller target
    sniper is well advised to "feel out" a patrol
    sniper is learning a valuable lesson from first hand experience in the field
    sniper is the master of marksmanship
    sniper is designed
    sniper is like sitting through the tensest of movie thrillers
    sniper is a very flexible asset
    sniper is the fast and easy way to take out
    sniper is a "sniperized" variand of the famous sig 550/stg
    sniper is caught schools all over the dc area have made changes to their routines
    sniper is designed to monitor network traffic 24 hours a day on the tcp/ip by application protocols
    sniper is on the loose and the streets of the washington area are monopolized by
    sniper is demonstrating many of the skills and techniques taught at al
    sniper is "playing with the cops" by sometimes dropping clues
    sniper is to select and engage key targets beyond the range of the normal rifleman
    sniper is a former pro paintball player as you my have learned from the home page
    sniper is equipped with the best engine available; not a rocket engine
    sniper is acting alone or acting as a member of an organized terrorist group?
    sniper is a tarot death card found at one scene with the words
    sniper is a hellish weapon
    sniper is an expert rifleman trained in the techniques of the individual soldier and assigned the mission of sniping
    sniper is not a special forces soldier
    sniper is the first scanner in the world released to combat the windows trinoo threat
    sniper is a specialised unit
    sniper is a murderer of individuals who is obviously keeping score and trying to show the world he is smarter than the cops
    sniper is born
    sniper is to take the high bidder position within a few seconds of the auctions end
    sniper is to save and safeguard lives
    sniper is a combat proven knife design by newt livesay with his outstanding number 2 style handle that delivers superb comfort
    sniper is still at large
    sniper is a long distance offensive threat
    sniper is the best imitation of a shad pattern on the market today
    sniper is an excellent way for children to safely let out their aggressions
    sniper is consciously picking times when venus is prominent
    sniper is american because the crimes do not bear the traditional hallmarks of an international
    sniper is prone
    sniper is likely to be "pretty ordinary
    sniper is the backbone of every tactical unit
    sniper is one of the most effective weapons on the field of battle
    sniper is mid
    sniper is the latest in america's rogues gallery of home grown terrorists who acted out their deadly personal or political hatreds
    sniper is and what motivates him
    sniper is a well
    sniper is the songwriting vehicle of guitarist/bassist jonathan bunce
    sniper is now the
    sniper is a "modern" term
    sniper is up to $500
    sniper is an online auction sniping program which automatically places your bid at the last possible moment
    sniper is the economical "entry
    sniper is known to have left a message
    sniper is nothing
    sniper is based on rolling circle amplification technology
    sniper is a skilled and trained technician
    sniper is not muslim
    sniper is very important
    sniper is a 98 custom with gta accessories
    sniper is
    sniper is bicyclist

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    Re: Get your own Googlism!


    umm... yeah.. i tried my real name. I got real BAD stuff.. and quite good stuff :P

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    Re: Get your own Googlism!

    Matt is jerking off.....


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