Apologies to all that this is taking so long and the flight sim team are working towards getting this announced soon. What started off looking as a pretty simple task has actually proved to be somewhat of a pain. Rather than start the competition cock-handed we want to make sure that we do this right.

Lock On

This will be delayed until the release of patch 1.02 as the patch fixes a lot of the bugs that are preventing us to go ahead at present. Unfortunately, what was looking to be a final release has been put back due to other problems that the ED test team has found. Whilst this delays the Lock-On competition I think we're all in agreement that we'd rather have a working patch and for this I would like to thank the ED staff for working so hard to get this right.

Hang tight - it won't be much longer.


Testing of all the missions is in its final stages and it is likely that this will be announced soon. Thanks to the team for putting this together and it looks to be a great competition.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.