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Thread: Low fps

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    Low fps


    When i play Raven Shield online and single player i get low fps around 15-30 fps, it hardly ever goes over 30 fps its usally around the high teens,low twenty's
    is there anything i can do to improve my fps and keep graphics decent ?

    ingame graphics options:
    game resolution 1024x768
    ive turned off all the shadow detail and the rest of the other options are set to high

    my system specs are:
    Windows XP
    P4 1.5g
    640 Rd ram
    128mb 9800 pro
    19" Viewmaster plug & play monitor

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated
    Thank you for your time

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    Re: Low fps

    I turn on low detail smoke grenade because I can't tell the difference. You can turn off animated geometry too but it doesn't help much because there isn't much animated geometry. Your processor might be holding you back. I have a XP 2400+ with a 9700 Pro and get a little better fps. One thing that will definitely help online is setting your connection setting to T1. Do this in the Multiplayer options. It's weird but it does improve framerates.
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